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14 Sep 2023

T Dao

14 Sep 2023

Recently, NTQ Solution has formed a strategic partnership with AAA Intelligent Solution, a UK-based technology company with global presence in UAE & Africa, focusing on delivering comprehensive digital transformation solutions & consultation to tackle the needs of the UK and EMEA markets. 

Within the scope of the partnership, the two companies will join hands to research market insights, identify the core demands to build an end-to-end service that taps directly into clients’ needs. The partnership combines companies with shared experiences in the technology industry, an understanding of the global market & market insights. These factors are crucial to providing a solid foundation to create joint service offerings with practical values for businesses.

AAA Intelligent Solutions is a technology company that provides comprehensive digital solutions ranging from business management platforms and human resources to real estate technology. Since founded in 1999, the company has been offering more than 10,000 solutions to a wide range of top global groups & enterprises, with a presence in many countries in the Middle East, India & Africa.

NTQ Solution and AAA Intelligent Solution expect to leverage the core strengths of each other, along with aiming to strengthen the scope of the partnership to many more markets in neighbouring & outside of Europe regions. 

About AAA Intelligent Solution ( Established in the 1990s, AAA (‘Triple-A’) is a leading provider of integrated solutions for organisations across the world. With offices in the UK, Middle East, India, Kenya, and South East Asia, we have the expertise and experience to find the right fit for each individual client, no matter what their needs. Our approach empowers clients through collaboration, and we firmly believe that there are never problems…just solutions waiting to be found.

About NTQ Solution ( NTQ Solution JSC. (NTQ) is a Global IT Consulting & Software development company with over 12 years of developing ICT solutions and helping global customers untangle their issues. NTQ has over 1,200 employees serving customers from 20 countries, delivering more than 600 successful projects for 300 clients worldwide in various sectors, including BFSI, Healthcare, Logistics, E-commerce… We have established offices in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan & Korea, with plans to expand to the US and Europe!


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