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05 Oct 2023

T Dao

05 Oct 2023

That’s how CAPALUS’s team – Strategic Partner of NTQ Solution in the EU Market – describes their feeling about their recent business trip to Vietnam. The welcoming spirit of NTQ Solution and the cooperation vision bring the two companies to a mutual understanding that leads to this cooperation opportunity. 

CAPALUS is an Internet Marketplace Platforms Provider specializing in the FMCG sector based in Luxembourg. The company is founded by dedicated experts with many years of experience in the IT Industry, along with holding key positions in top EU organizations. Recently, CAPALUS & NTQ Solution became a strategic partner to deliver comprehensive digital transformation solutions & consultation for companies in Asia & Europe.

The previous trip to Vietnam left a positive impression on both companies, creating a strong foundation to establish a long-term strategic partnership. Following is the full sharing of CAPALUS about their trip!

“First and foremost, we would like to commend the NTQ Solution’s team for their exceptional professionalism. From the very beginning, it was evident that the team’s expertise and dedication were top-notch. The way you meticulously coordinated each step of the process and ensured that all details were attended to did not go unnoticed. This level of commitment was truly impressive and contributed significantly to the success of our visit.

During our time with you, the entire NTQ Solution’s team demonstrated a remarkable degree of politeness and genuine care. Your warm welcome and hospitality made us feel valued and comfortable, which greatly enhanced our overall experience. This positive and collaborative atmosphere fostered productive discussions and a sense of partnership that we genuinely appreciated

As for the business trip itself, it was indeed a rewarding experience. The insightful discussions, hands-on demonstrations, and knowledge sharing sessions were highly beneficial. Your team’s ability to convey complex concepts in an understandable manner showcased the depth of your expertise and your dedication to ensuring we gained a comprehensive understanding of the collaboration’s potential.”

“Personally, what stood out to me is NTQ Solution’s exceptional distinction from other IT companies. While many IT firms rigidly adhere to provided specifications, resulting in a disconnect between providers and developers, NTQ Solution surpasses this norm. They fully immerse themselves in projects, actively seeking to comprehend, advise, and tackle challenges as genuine partners.

NTQ Solution’s distinctive approach solidified my belief in the vital role of comprehensive collaboration, where technology and social dynamics synergize to yield remarkable outcomes. Thomas, who brings 20 years of online business experience and leads the dedicated team, notes the strong dynamic and high professional standards.

In conclusion, what truly sets NTQ Solution apart is their commitment to going beyond the norm. Unlike many other IT companies, NTQ Solution’s genuine engagement and collaborative approach demonstrated that they view their clients as partners. This level of involvement ensures that projects are not just technically sound but also aligned with our goals and vision”

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