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20 Nov 2023

T Dao

20 Nov 2023

That is how NTQ Solution’s CEO, Mr. Pham Thai Son, evaluated the potential of AI during his presentation at the ASOCIO Digital Summit 2023. In his 20-minute presentation, Mr. Pham Thai Son addressed how AI surpasses the boundaries of a trend to become an integral component in digital transformation.

The presentation began with statistical figures highlighting global digital transformation trends in businesses worldwide. Based on these foundations, Mr. Son emphasized that an effective strategy should enhance user/service experiences, improve operational efficiency, and establish new business models. He also underscored that emerging technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), accelerate these processes faster.

CEO NTQ Solution delivered a speech at ASOCIO Digital Summit 2023

Recent surveys and studies prove that AI is becoming indispensable in operational and business activities across most global enterprises. With continuous improvements in processing speed and learning capabilities, AI is predicted to contribute over $13 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

To highlight the endless power of AI in today’s tech world, he addressed the example of DentalFlow, one of the most successful “Make by NTQ” products designed for dental clinics. Integrating AI allows the platform to automatically collect customers’ data and reduce management workload to increase overall service quality. DentalFlow is regarded as one of the pioneering digital solutions for dental clinics, currently serving more than 400 customers nationwide.

The presentation highlighted the key pillars in digital transformation, including AI as a disruptive technology.

Backed by compelling arguments and real-world evidence, NTQ Solution’s presentation received acclaim from industry experts and business representatives for bringing fresh perspectives on a popular topic. NTQ Solution anticipates that these insights will contribute significantly to driving the goal of “Digital Asia”, aligning with the primary goal of this year’s summit.

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