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10 Oct 2023

T Dao

10 Oct 2023

NTQ Solution has taken another significant step in its European expansion by partnering with BearStudio, a digital design studio based in France. BearStudio is NTQ Solution’s first strategic partner in the French market.

Within this collaboration’s framework, both companies combine their core capabilities to provide comprehensive end-to-end service solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses in France, from consultation to strategy implementation. The two parties will engage in continuous discussions and market trend research to ensure the regular introduction of innovative ideas tailored to meet customer requirements.

This partnership allows both companies to exchange their core strengths, enhancing service quality and expanding new capabilities. Specifically, NTQ Solution will collaborate with BearStudio to deepen their expertise in software development and integrate new technologies such as AI, Low-code. BearStudio will be taking advantage of its distinctive multimedia design capabilities, along with sharing an extensive understanding of market insights and the business landscape in France. 

Strengthening partnerships with local businesses is also part of the “Think Global – Act Local” approach that NTQ Solution is pursuing to conquer global markets, especially in the European region. This enables NTQ Solution to deliver “World-class” technology solutions while still being able to tap directly into the specific needs of each market. 

To request a consultation, you can register your information through this landing page to connect with our dedicated team:

About BearStudio ( Founded in 2016, The BearStudio is composed of developers and UX designers who help project leaders by bringing the technical knowledge they may lack. Whether you are a startup or an innovative company, our team can graft itself onto your project at any moment to move it forward. We provide a wide range of services scaling from UX/UI design to Integration, Front-end & Back-end Development. 

About NTQ Solution ( NTQ Solution JSC. (NTQ) is a Global IT Consulting & Software development company with over 12 years of developing ICT solutions and helping global customers untangle their issues. NTQ Solution has over 1,200 employees serving customers from 20 countries, delivering more than 600 successful projects for 300 clients worldwide in various sectors, including BFSI, Healthcare, Logistics, E-commerce… We have established offices in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan & Korea, with plans to expand to the US and Europe!

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