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25 Apr 2023

Trung Dao

25 Apr 2023

On April 25, NTQ Solution and its subsidiary EZDefence officially signed a cooperation agreement with HOLONS, a Japanese company specializing in UI/UX design, to establish a joint venture, “Corpex” with the goal of becoming a “one-stop” solution that helps businesses build an optimal product development roadmap, from the stages of idea formation to designing, manufacturing and releasing the final product to the market.

Corpex’s service platform is a combination of businesses with different strengths, including strategic consulting & software development capabilities from NTQ Solution, hardware product manufacturing from EZDefence and UI / UX design from HOLONS & HOLON CREATE. Corpex will connect these factors into a single complete service package that offers clients a “one-stop” solution to tackle every stage of product development without the need to outsource to different partners.

Mr. Ikuhara Takeshi, Director of HOLON CREATE & Manager of HOLONS, expected that the cooperation would bring a positive outlook and assist thousands of businesses in solving the difficulties in product development. “From previous experience working together, we highly appreciate our partners – NTQ Solution & EZDefence – for their professionalism, technical expertise & ability to provide effective solutions for tough matters. Hence, we firmly believe that the cooperation will go a long way ahead!

Mr. Tran Ho Phuong, Vice President of NTQ Solution, stated: “The new Corpex Joint Venture is a golden opportunity for NTQ Solution to leverage technology service offerings to a higher level, leading to many new cooperation in the future and serving our aims to bring more valuable products to our clients.”

HOLONS CREATE Inc. is a Japanese-based creative agency specializing in digital & experience design, mainly UX / UI, website & software development. The firm is founded by a group of dedicated experts with more than 40 years of experience in teaching design at top Japanese universities, one of them being the author of the best-seller book about experience design titled: “Design and Sensitivity” and “Experience Vision”

With another successful partnership agreement, NTQ Solution is stepping into another significant milestone in proving outstanding technology capability & expanding to a wide range of areas in service offerings for clients. The event is a firm foundation for NTQ Solution to continue leveraging its position in the global technology map, moving further in the “Beyond Global” goal set for this year!

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