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02 Dec 2022

Trung Dao

02 Dec 2022

On November 23rd, NTQ Solution and Softbridge successfully signed an MOU agreement at the headquarters of Softbridge with the participation of Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO, NTQ Solution, Mr. Nang Ha Seok – CEO, Softbridge, and key members of both companies. 

Softbridge was established in 1998, specializing in developing non-face-to-face meeting solutions, stock, and professional broadcasting platforms and services. Since early, Softbridge has made a strong impression in the field of Data Analysis with Anchor Spot – Korea’s first trading system and charting solution.

According to the contract, NTQ Solution will support Softbridge in consulting and developing high-tech solutions, especially when Softbridge is a pioneer business in delivering solutions for programs of stock companies. On the other hand, Softbridge will give NTQ Solution accurate insight into the Korean market as well as share deep knowledge and experiences about information, communication, and the stock field. In particular, NTQ Solution is cooperating with TCS to develop the core solution package TCS BaNCS for the BFSI businesses, which makes every insight from the financial perspective valuable.

Global collaboration is within the Globalization strategy of NTQ Solution to develop more excellent technological solutions, meeting the demands of businesses worldwide. Moreover, NTQ Solution dedicates to building a global tech ecosystem to connect companies all over the globe, developing business operations to create sustainable values for companies and communities.

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