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21 Jun 2023

Trung Dao

21 Jun 2023

Recently, NTQ Solution has officially partnered with IT Supported to provide high-quality technology services and digital transformation solutions for the Australian market. The successful cooperation brings many more opportunities for NTQ Solution to accelerate the “Beyond Global ” goal.

Within the scope of the partnership, the two companies will establish a Full Development Cycle service package that serves the needs of Australian clients. Specifically, NTQ Solution and IT Supported will conduct market research and analysis to identify potential opportunities. Based on these findings, we will collaborate to develop digital products and solutions that address the challenges of digital transformation and upgrade technology infrastructure for businesses in Australia.

International cooperation is the golden opportunity for NTQ Solution to increase its presence globally and localization of service offerings. IT Supported is the most matching partner as the company shares the same expertise and owns a solid understanding of the local market through experiences in serving clients in Australia.

With another successful cooperation with a foreign partner, NTQ Solution is gaining higher credibility and position on a global scale. These achievements are valuable for NTQ Solution to aim toward becoming a Global IT Service Company with $100M in revenue by 2026.

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