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14 Aug 2023

Trung Dao

14 Aug 2023

Recently, NTQ Japan officially became a tech partner to develop software for one of the top Japanese financial enterprises.



NTQ Japan will develop internal software for business financial management within the collaboration. As a corporation with a huge data load, the client requested software with stable operation and the ability to respond quickly to every needed task while ensuring high information security.

The software is expected to help businesses take control of their financial situations more efficiently and faster than most traditional methods.

Previously, the client visited NTQ Solution’s headquarters in Vietnam and was highly impressed with the quality management system, strict security policies & high-quality technology facilities, which set an essential basis for the two companies to cooperate.

BFSI has been considered one of the core vertical domains of NTQ Solution. Besides providing successful projects, NTQ Solution has established a global partnership network with top global & local players to deliver high-quality service offerings tapping the needs of BFSI clients.

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