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18 Oct 2022

Trung Dao

18 Oct 2022

Recently, NTQ Solution has become a technology partner of Renesas Corporation – The TOP 3 global companies in producing semiconductors.

Renesas Corporation is one of the top 3 global companies producing and selling semiconductors, with dozens of branches worldwide. Renesas is also well-known as the leading chip provider for Japanese car producers, including Toyota and Honda.

Renesas has very high requirements for their strategic partners about professional competence and working style to deliver the most outstanding products. Therefore, all technology partners must prove their competencies through a test: setting their AI applications on Renesas’s board.

The most challenging thing is Renesas’s board is complicated. The board is not popular, so the research process takes a lot of time. Besides, the amount of documents is enormous and hasn’t been categorized.

Mr. Hoang Tien – NTQ’s AI engineer- shared: “It was such a challenge because the board is very rare and complicated. Therefore, we had to study and experiment a lot when there was a bug. Sometimes, we worked 16 hours a day to handle problems and deliver the demo by the deadline”.

After receiving the demo, Renesas was impressed with NTQ’s competence as many other companies have failed this test before. Thus, NTQ Japan has officially been Renesas’s technology partner.

This cooperation is meaningful for NTQ Japan. It proves NTQ’s professional competence (AI in detail) and working style to meet the requirements of a leading global company. It is also a big step toward strengthening NTQ’s position as a Global IT Service Provider.

By cooperating with leading companies, NTQ Japan commits to consistently delivering World-class products and services for all our customers. Moreover, NTQ’s clients and partners will be in our technological ecosystem to directly connect within the ecosystem and expand the business to various sectors and countries, creating depth and sustainable connections and values between NTQ and its clients and partners.

NTQ Japan on Renesas’s website.

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