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16 May 2022

Trung Dao

16 May 2022

This May, NTQ Japan participated in the AI Expo Tokyo 2022 – the largest AI technology expo in Japan and made an impressive mark with 300+ guests.

AI EXPO TOKYO has come to a close with the involvement of hundreds of businesses as AI Technology pioneering representatives after three days of the organization (May 11-13, 2022). At this event, NTQ Japan introduced the most advanced AI solutions of NTQ Solution, including AI application and integration solutions in digital transformation, NTQ’s “Make-in-Vietnam” products: enKomm, iLuton, EZPlastic, etc.

The creative and flexible AI solutions that NTQ Solution has used in prior projects piqued the curiosity of over 600 firms at the event. Some of NTQ Solution’s AI-integrated solutions for businesses which are applications in the fields of Computer Vision and Natural language generation have received many invitations for cooperation from customers. Thanks to its unique features that reduce time&costs and optimize operations, Japanese enterprises prefer NTQ Solution’s “Make-in-Vietnam” product line as the “Solution of the Future”.

AI EXPO TOKYO is Japan’s largest trade expo dedicated to the AI technology industry businesses. This year’s exhibition brought together 210 IT companies in Japan with cutting-edge technology, attracting over 30,000 visitors to discover and learn (including enterprises from various industries and leading experts). This exhibition is even hotter when it takes place at a time when the Japanese economy is on the mend and technological investment is on the rise.

This is the 2nd time NTQ Japan has participated in the AI EXPO event. With experience and careful preparation, NTQ Japan quickly made a strong impression on customers participating in the exhibition. NTQ Japan is the headquarters of NTQ Solution in Japan, established in February 2016. After 6 years of development, NTQ Japan has affirmed its position and reputation with many large companies and corporations in various fields, namely Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation, and so on.

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