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20 Jun 2023

Trung Dao

20 Jun 2023

Last week, NTQ Japan exhibited the latest technology capabilities at Interop Tokyo 2023, one of the largest technology exhibitions of hundreds of global enterprises participating in Tokyo. NTQ Japan’s AI Solutions are designed to accelerate the digital transformation process for businesses while ensuring maximum information security. 


The exhibition booth of NTQ Japan attracted more than hundreds of visitors

Interop Tokyo has been one of the well-known technology exhibitions for 30 years, attracting more than 100,000 guests and +1300 exhibition booths in 3 days of the event. With the theme “To the next 30 years”, this year’s event encourages global companies to discuss & share their latest tech ideas and inventions to contribute to making a brighter future ahead!


NTQ Japan’s AI Solutions got positive feedback for efficiency and valuable innovation for the future. From AI-based Cloud solution, Edge AI, to integration of ChatGPT, the products are designed to maximize data processing and automation and tackle the complex challenges for businesses with small amounts of resources.


With another success from participating in global events, NTQ Japan’s technology capability and service quality have been recognized in the market, resulting in a more significant step towards future development.


Some images taken from the event!





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