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26 Oct 2023

T Dao

26 Oct 2023

That’s one of the key strategies that Mr. Erwin Bretscher, the new CEO of NTQ Europe, is pursuing as he takes on the leadership of NTQ Solution’s first branch in the European market. He believes that this strategy will help NTQ Europe affirm its capabilities and lay the groundwork for establishing a strong position in the market. 

Mr. Erwin was officially assigned as CEO of NTQ Europe in October. Before taking the lead, he has over 30 years of experience working in the IT Industry & consulting for top organizations & companies in the EU. He was once an NTQ Solution client, then became a partner until he took the EU entity’s leader role.


Mr. Erwin Bretscher received the decision from Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, at the appointment ceremony in October.

“My relationship with NTQ Solution was built on trust gathered from years of working together. I received many invitations from other Vietnamese companies. Still, I chose NTQ Solution since they have a proven track record in the industry and great potential to expand growth.” Mr. Erwin shared further about his decision to become NTQ Europe’s CEO

Talking about the core focus of NTQ Europe, Mr. Erwin stated that he wants to build service offerings centred around the Healthcare sector, one of the industries he is passionate about. Based on the region’s high rate of elderly population, he observed that the healthcare industry in the EU region will be in high demand for digital transformation. 

“If the population is getting old, fewer young people will work in healthcare, which might limit people’s access to medical treatment needs. Hence, I believe technology can make a difference in making healthcare services accessible to everyone in the future. With a solid industry experience and a technology background, NTQ Europe can provide innovative digital transformation solutions in the healthcare sector in the EU region.”, Mr. Erwin shared deeper insights about the focused domain of NTQ Europe. 

Mr. Erwin wants clients to view NTQ Europe as a long-term business partner, not just simply a service provider!

Identifying a core focus is one of the strategies that Mr. Erwin, along with the Board of Directors of NTQ Solution, has settled within the preparation of NTQ Europe. With this direction, NTQ Europe will be able to differentiate itself in the market through localized approaches, setting a solid foundation to aim towards establishing long-term business partnerships with clients. 

“Our mission is to make NTQ Europe well-known as a service provider, credible technology expert & trustful business partner. This position will create a sustainable credibility that helps the firm achieve business goals, opening more opportunities to conquer the needs of EU clients”.

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