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16 Nov 2023

T Dao

16 Nov 2023

October marks a memorable milestone as NTQ Solution officially appoints a CEO in the European market, concurrently signifying the presence of NTQ Europe – The 5th international branch of NTQ Solution. With this achievement, NTQ Solution continues to make new strides towards the “Beyond Global” goal. Let’s once again recap the noteworthy events of NTQ Solution over the past month!

NTQ Europe’s CEO Official Appointment

On October 18, NTQ Solution held a ceremony to announce and officially appoint Mr. Erwin Bretscher as the CEO of NTQ Europe. The event was attended by the NTQ Solution’s management team in Vietnam and representatives from key NTQ locations, including NTQ Japan, NTQ Korea, NTQ Hong Kong, and other subsidiary companies.

Mr. Erwin Bretscher, an experienced expert with over 30 years of experience in diverse industries, including the IT Industry & Healthcare Domain, will spearhead NTQ Europe’s journey. His roles at NSR, ASolution, and RITHM showcased his proficiency in high-level management, operations, technical expertise, and sales. He also served as an independent consultant and project manager for leading Dutch companies such as Van Oord, Infotrom, Ministerie, and Rotterdam, further enriching his experience and knowledge.

NTQ Solution To Discuss The Digital Transformation Strategy With The Delegates from Gunma Prefecture!

On 27th October in Hanoi, NTQ Solution, along with representatives from Vietnam tech companies, had a chance to work with the delegates from Gunma coming to explore the investment opportunities. This meeting provided a precious opportunity for businesses to exchange ideas, introduce their capabilities, and explore digital transformation collaboration opportunities within Gunma Prefecture.

At the meeting, both sides discussed some of the challenges hindering Gunma’s digital transformation process, coming up with practical initiatives to build a sustainable and effective digitalization roadmap. NTQ Solution representatives introduced various practical ideas, including the application of AI and advanced technologies and real-world examples of the effectiveness of these solutions through projects already implemented.

NTQ Solution Partners with BearStudio To Introduce Comprehensive Digital Solutions!

NTQ Solution has taken another significant step in its European expansion by partnering with BearStudio, a digital design studio based in France.

Within this collaboration’s framework, both companies combine their core capabilities to provide comprehensive end-to-end service solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses in France, from consultation to strategy implementation. The two parties will engage in continuous discussions and market trend research to ensure the regular introduction of innovative ideas tailored to meet customer requirements.

NTQ Japan’s Virtual Assistance Impressed The Audiences At AI Expo Tokyo 2023

On 25th – 27th October, NTQ Japan had opportunities to participate at the AI Expo Tokyo 2023, one of Japan’s largest AI technology showcases, attracting more than 30,000 visitors and hundreds of exhibitors.

NTQ Japan’s booth garnered more than 400 visitors, including over 100 representatives from various businesses and organizations who expressed keen interest in AI application solutions during the 3-day exhibition. Drawing from their experience and meticulous preparations from past participations, NTQ Japan swiftly left a positive impression at the event, further solidifying its position in the Japanese market.

NTQ Solution Showcased At The Vietnam Socio-Economic Forum 2023!

On 10th October, the “National Digital Transformation Day 2023” event was successfully held in Hanoi with the participation of national delegates and leaders. NTQ Solution was honored to be one of the outstanding Vietnam technology companies with impressive success in delivering digital transformation solutions for global markets.

The achievement again proved that NTQ Solution has significantly contributed to developing the national digital economy, leveraging Vietnam in the global technology map. With over 12 years of establishment, NTQ Solution has been a trusted technology partner of +300 clients worldwide, with 4 international branches in Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong with upcoming entities in EU, America. The “MakebyNTQ” solutions, including RECO, DentalFlow, Volte & 2B have received positive feedback, remarking highlights in more than 20 countries.

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