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06 Sep 2022

Trung Dao

06 Sep 2022

Beyond many strong competitors, 2B has officially become a technology partner of a leading dairy company and has been responsible for building a website for its subsidiary in Vietnam. 

It is a well-known brand in the FMCG field, with branches in over 30 countries and nearly 24,000 employees. Becoming its partner is the target of many tech companies to prove the company’s competency and extend cooperation opportunities in the future.

Therefore, team 2B has focused 200% on this project for about one year to prove its professional competency to the customer and finally won this contract.

Right after being contacted about the project, team 2B researched deeply to see the problems with the customer’s existing website.

Indeed, the Vietnamese website is not syncing to other corporate websites (using Shopify), creating many obstacles in managing, operating, and building consistency in the brand, negatively affecting the marketing process and customer experience.

Hence, the priority is to build a Vietnamese website to synchronize with other corporate websites and match Vietnamese users’ shopping behavior. Besides, they also need to integrate with the third applications to ensure the website functionalities like live chat, review, and FAQ to optimize the customer experience.

To deliver a practical solution, 2B has been researching for months about the particularities of the dairy field, especially the behaviors of end-users. With the detailed proposal and affordable price, experiences, and professional competency, 2B won the customer’s trust and successfully signed the contract with the company.

Phase 1 of the project is planned to last 2,5 months. If the result is good, the project will process the following steps to enhance new premium features for the website to meet the extent requirements of the Vietnamese branch.

2B I/O is a company separated from NTQ Solution that specializes in providing SaaS platforms and solutions to optimize E-commerce procedures. In two years of operation, 2B has made many impressive marks, such as our applications got to the popular top on Shopify a few months after being released. Those remarkable achievements have attracted a lot of big global companies planning to develop their business in the e-commerce field.