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17 Jul 2023

Trung Dao

17 Jul 2023

Recently, NTQ Korea successfully cooperated with Korean tech partners to deliver an E-commerce project with a scale of up to $ in value. All the companies formed a consortium, in which NTQ Korea is responsible for building CRM and CMS for the client.

The project is a real challenge for NTQ Korea’s team with a significant workload, strict requirements, and a limited timeframe. As a part of a consortium, it’s essential to keep track of and maintain a close collaboration with multiple parties in the consortium, requiring NTQ Korea’s team to build an effective communication strategy.

A strong dedication to work and professionalism are the keys that help NTQ Korea to conquer this project. In the beginning, NTQ Korea’s team build a high-quality proposal that surpasses the client’s expectations with only 2 weeks of preparation. Understanding the fast-paced progress of the project, NTQ Korea’s team identifies the must-to-have priority, including communication skills, fluent language & delivering efficient technology solutions.

With another successful project, NTQ Korea is stepping into another significant milestone in the Korean market, opening many more opportunities. NTQ Korea, along with partners, is striving hard to deliver high-quality E-commerce solutions that surpass expectations, contributing to increasing client growth and competitive advantage in the market.

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