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27 Oct 2022

Trung Dao

27 Oct 2022

2B I/O – a NTQ Solution’s subsidiary – is known for its ability to deliver comprehensive technology solutions in e-Commerce. Moreover, 2B accompanies companies from the first paces to consult and develop tech solutions in various domains. Vision Direct Club is one of 2B’s partners and recently had a signing ceremony with 2B at its head office in Singapore.

Vision Direct Club (VDC) is a potential start-up established in 2020 in Singapore, focusing on eye-care services. To help users have the best and most convenient care for their eyes right at home, VDC has created an exclusive eye-care virtual platform that connects customers with eye clinics, eye-care centers, and glasses stores via an only platform.

2B has cooperated with VDC from their first days and is responsible for consulting to design products and developing, especially when VDC is in the Venture Capital fundraising process.

Accordingly, in this project, 2B is using main technologies, including:

  • Build an e-Commerce store delivering eye-care products on the Shopify platform.

  • Build a Website for comprehensive management, including Admin, Hr, and Partner.

  • Build a Mobile App with a User Wallet feature.

  • Apply Blockchain technology to manage users’ eye-care documents.

  • Apply AI technology to record users’ behaviors and features for eye practice.

  • Use AWS to build the infrastructure.

Collaborating with VDC is 2B’s confirmation of its ability to provide comprehensive technology solutions, from consultation to development and maintenance. It’s also 2B’s commitment to be poised to accompany start-ups as a trusted technology partner, supporting them to develop the best quality products and quickly achieve success together.