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08 Dec 2023

T Dao

08 Dec 2023

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Mr. Edatsune Isao is one of the talented inventors with the honor of being inducted into the “Hall Of Fame” of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. With the Epson R-D1 digital camera developed by himself in 2019, this product was honored in the category “top 50 products that changed the world in the last 50 years”. 

Currently, Mr. Edatsune Isao is the Vice President at NTQ Japan. Previously, he was Project Manager of Digital Camera (Seiko Epson), the world’s first digital project. This project is recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as one of the top 50 products changing the world in the past 50 years (2002 – 2004).

Experience working at Foreign Development Centers in India, China, Philippines, USA, Vietnam (ODC), and Taiwan (ODM) … has helped Mr. Edatsune Isao earn remarkable achievements and business results, with annual revenue of up to 500 billion JPY.

In addition, Mr. Edatsune Isao was also impressed with his proud achievements:

  • Head of Inkjet Industry Business Strategy at Seiko Epson.
  • Deputy General Director member of the executive board at SOC Company.
  • Sales Manager at E&MC member company of NIDEC Group.
  • Chairman of two prestigious electronics companies in Hangzhou – Keming and Kobal.

NTQ Solution – An environment that celebrates a diverse global culture

Joining NTQ Solution in 2020, Mr. Edatsune Isao, also known as Uncle Eddie, symbolizes the thoughtful and careful working style of Japanese people at NTQ Japan. In an interview with the Branding department, Uncle shared about the working style of Japanese and Vietnamese people who directly complement each other’s shortcomings.

In any job, there will exist two different working styles. A department will promote safety and care by spending much time on discussions and meetings to find the best solutions. On the contrary, many people choose to go in the direction of processing work quickly to ensure maximum accuracy of the set schedule. At NTQ Solution in general and NTQ Japan in particular, individuals with different working styles coexist. That is an affirmation of the global diversity that NTQ Solution is aiming for.

According to Mr. Edatsune Isao, who has many years of experience working with personnel worldwide (especially in Asia), this helps a lot in flexibly handling arising situations and connecting work between departments to create efficiency.  He added: “By changing my mindset, I have accepted a difference in how I work with a more flexible mindset. Special personnel need to learn to quickly adapt and integrate into many “globally diverse” environments like NTQ Solution.”

NTQ Solution respects differences to promote global diversity

NTQ Solution’s advantages in developing a culture of “global diversity”

A quick working style with care and thoughtfulness will bring good results. In order to run things more smoothly, in line with the culture of “global diversity,” Mr. Edatsune Isao highly appreciates the strengths of Vietnamese personnel at NTQ Solution, including:

– Firstly, Vietnamese personnel know how to think to give perspectives and deep assessments, which have the effect of thoroughly solving the nature of the problem.

– Second, Vietnamese people have an honest, straightforward nature. These advantages in communication and thinking help them quickly adapt to many different environments and diverse personalities. From there, promote rapid development in work progress so that the result is of good quality.

– Third, Vietnamese personnel always have a learning and progressive attitude, shown by not being afraid to ask superiors if the information received needs to be clearer. In addition, they also have the habit of regularly reporting and promptly updating the situation so that the work progress goes smoothly, ensuring the outputs are always of good quality.

However, Mr. Edatsune Isao also emphasized: “Each individual’s mindset is different, each business also has different cultures, and the language gap is an obstacle.” He hoped that in the present time, the staff at NTQ Vietnam would not repeat the same weaknesses as the cases he experienced in other environments in the future.

The plans for NTQ Japan

Therefore, in the development plan of NTQ Japan 2024, Mr. Edatsune Isao emphasized how to build a comprehensive organizational structure, train more talents to shoulder the future of NTQ, not just based on individual capacity, at the same time, creating uniformity in quality, sustainable development to bring effective profits to the company. Mr. Edatsune Isao said that to maintain sustainability in any organization or field; each needs to improve their professional capacity, discipline, and reputation first. As an example of punctuality, in a meeting, if someone is 5 minutes late, leaving ten other people waiting, it is a good use of 5 minutes. It is a waste of 50 minutes for the team.

This is important in moving towards the message of “global diversity.” It shows professionalism in the working style, as well as the behavior and actions of each member. From there, contribute to change and spread a positive culture within the company. Mr. Edatsune Isao hopes that he can dedicate and stick with NTQ Solution for a long time, together with the company, to create sustainable value and bring long-term benefits to each customer.

After all, a business is really “good to make.” In addition to creating differentiated value, NTQ Solution needs to give customers more than they can get from the original value. This is also the working philosophy of Mr. Edatsune Isao during more than 03 years of dedication at NTQ Japan.

To foster sustainability, every individual at NTQ Solution needs to enhance their expertise, discipline, and credibility

Finally, Mr. Edatsune Isao remembered to recall the positive culture present at NTQ Solution. He loved individuals who were willing to contribute ideas with frankness and gentleness. Recalling the phrase “wow service” that he was attracted to when working at NTQ Solution from the beginning, Mr. Edatsune Isao wanted to reaffirm the quality of each service NTQ Solution provides. For that to always be sustainable and inherited, each individual in the human resources team working in an international environment like NTQ Solution is indispensable.  He believes that with the experience accumulated over the past decades, NTQ Solution will grow stronger and stronger, in line with the spirit of “The Power of TheOne.”

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