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25 Dec 2023

T Dao

25 Dec 2023

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The presence of Erwin Bretscher – Chief Executive Officer of NTQ Europe, brings a new breath to cultural diversity, dreams of reaching out globally, and solidifies NTQ’s position in the European market.

From a partner to CEO of NTQ Europe

Recently, NTQ Solution opened its fifth branch in the EU with the establishment of NTQ Europe, led by the new CEO, Mr. Erwin Bretscher. This is a significant milestone, making a new step in NTQ Solution’s Beyond Global journey. The fact that connection between Mr. Erwin and NTQ began as a partnership in various major projects.

With over 30 years of diverse experience, including 16 years in the technology and healthcare sectors, Erwin has not only served in high-level management and operations roles in various European enterprises but has also been a strategic consultant for numerous projects with Dutch companies such as Ministry of Health, Hospitals, Notary and NEN

Initially, Mr.Erwin participated in various events in Europe alongside NTQ leaders, including the Hannover Messes 2023, one of the largest trade fairs for technology. He reflected, “Coincidentally, when thinking about Asia, the first country that comes to my mind is Vietnam”. Erwin shared that after delving into the Asian technology market, particularly Vietnam, he recognized significant opportunities awaiting collaboration between Europe and Vietnam. With his IT and healthcare experience, he believes he can serve as a bridge connecting culture and business opportunities in Vietnam and Europe.

“I am surprised by my colleagues at NTQ” 

Before deciding to collaborate with a technology company in Vietnam, a former colleague, who had been working with Vietnam for many years, told Erwin, “You will be every time positively surprised”. Indeed, Erwin was very surprised by NTQ’s way of working. He was highly impressed with the friendliness and camaraderie of everyone in their communication and problem-solving approach, surpassing his expectations. Especially, in customer care, when get feedback or support requests from clients, NTQ members promptly address the issue, striving to resolve everything in the best possible way.

Not only in work, but colleagues at NTQ are also very friendly, always enthusiastically supporting Erwin in every small aspect of life. During his business trip to the company’s headquarters in Vietnam, colleagues meticulously planned to introduce Erwin to the culture and traditional cuisine of Vietnam, such as egg coffee, bun cha, etc. He shared: ‘Vietnamese culture and people are lovely and fascinating. Colleagues led me through very narrow alleys. Initially, I was hesitant and worried, but behind that was a fascinating world and delicious dishes that I had never thought of.’

When asked if working in a new environment like Vietnam posed any difficulties for Erwin, he shared that he really likes the friendliness of the Vietnamese people. The way Vietnamese communicate and solve problems is very similar to people in the Netherlands, so Erwin adapted quickly and looks forward to the upcoming working time.

Realizing a “dream” of bringing NTQ’s software to all of Europe

In the inauguration ceremony, Erwin shared, ‘NTQ Solution always strives to deliver the best quality to its customers, and that is something to be proud of. I also see the responsibility in myself to achieve the goals for NTQ EU and NTQ Solution in the journey ahead.’ Further elaborating on the reasons for Erwin’s commitment to NTQ Solution, he mentioned that what the company aims for aligns with his vision, which is to eliminate barriers and narrow the gaps between IT companies on these two continents and globally.

Erwin believes that Europe is a vast and demanding market, yet it offers numerous opportunities in the technology field. He highly appreciates what NTQ has built over the years in this market.

Erwin’s unprecedented experiences have deepened his affection for the people of Vietnam and strengthened his belief in and commitment to his future goal of connecting people, cultures, and technologies between Vietnam and Europe


*This article is part of the series: “NTQ Rubik – series about NTQ people across the globe.”

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