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04 Jan 2024

T Dao

04 Jan 2024

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From partner to leader of NTQ Hong Kong, Johnny Chong, one of our 9x leaders, is the one who laid the first foundation, gradually building and positioning the NTQ brand in Hong Kong with sustainable growth after more than 5 years of establishment. On Johnny’s business trip to NTQ Solution’s Hanoi headquarters last December, the NTQ Rubik editorial board had the opportunity to chat with Johnny to listen to his shares that he rarely shares.

If you’ve just met Johnny Chong, the young Country Manager of NTQ Hong Kong, many might think he is a reserved and taciturn individual. However, few know that in his professional life, Johnny is an entirely different person, revealing more about his true self. When people engage in what they love, a magical energy emanates from them, making them stand out. This is the case with Johnny, who possesses strong internal drive, talent, perseverance, responsibility, and is always ready to face any challenges.

Introduced to NTQ Solution through a collaborative project in 2019, Johnny expressed his admiration for NTQ’s technologies: “NTQ is a company that has almost all the current market technologies with a diverse product portfolio. Not only that, but you also have abundant human resources and a wide-reaching and professional network in dealing with customers. Thanks to this, we in Hong Kong have received much support from NTQ in communicating with customers and working together on technological solutions.” Appreciating the work style and being intrigued by NTQ’s direction, Johnny decided to choose to accompany and bond with NTQ as a “fateful encounter.”

Captain Responsible for NTQ Hong Kong

Operating a company in a market like Hong Kong is not easy because this place is renowned for having the most demanding work culture in Asia. “Hong Kong is one of Asia’s cities with the longest working hours. People in Hong Kong are accustomed to working from morning until night, from Monday to the weekend, with numerous phone calls, emails, and meetings. Working overtime on weekends to keep up with the pace of life here is a very common thing. In Hong Kong, the characteristic is speed; everything and everyone operates very quickly,” shared Johnny.

During the early days of NTQ Hong Kong, Johnny had to take on many roles, from business development to managing the company’s operations, including finance, accounting, contracts, arranging human resources, and even acting as a project manager. Rolling up his sleeves to do every task, Johnny built the foundation and operational machinery of NTQ Hong Kong brick by brick. Faced with a massive workload and a “hard-core” working environment accompanied by significant responsibilities, Johnny admits there were times when he felt immense pressure. However, his passion for technology and creating products that add value to customers was a “spiritual doping dose,” providing him with additional energy. “I love digital transformation projects and feel extremely excited whenever a project succeeds. Therefore, I always take that as motivation to strive relentlessly.”

Johnny’s work philosophy is responsibility; regardless of the task or project, it must be executed in line with commitments to ensure progress and product quality. He is meticulous when working with partners, right down to the smallest details. Therefore, at NTQ, people are not unfamiliar with the image of Johnny sitting and coding with project team members during tight deadlines, always ready to be the “shoulder-to-shoulder challenger,” listening to inputs from team members to achieve the ultimate goal of delivering value to customers.

His sense of responsibility has inspired and motivated many colleagues at NTQ. My Nguyen (Account Manager Assistant) shared: “Working with Johnny, I have learned a lot. He is not just a boss but also a close companion and very approachable. Whenever a project faces difficulties, he is ready to share the burden with everyone on the team. This is the spirit of a true leader, always professional, passionate, and instilling trust for all members to work towards a common goal.”

Ready for Big Dreams

To realize the organization’s grand aspirations, leaders must face numerous challenges and undoubtedly put in more effort. However, dreaming big is essential because we can showcase our full potential only when facing the most difficult circumstances.

Sharing his vision for NTQ Hong Kong’s development in 2024, Johnny said, “Hong Kong is a tough market, demanding and extremely competitive. Customers here pay a high price, but you must also provide them with quality, professional services and products. In the future, we will focus on the mission of enhancing consulting capabilities, aiming to become a highly specialized consulting service provider, helping build solutions for customers rather than just being an outsourcing business, and taking NTQ Hong Kong to new heights in terms of quality and professionalism.”

In addition, 2024 we will expand our ecosystem with several new service areas. NTQ Hong Kong’s technology strategy is centered around the latest AI, cloud computing, big data, and virtual reality technologies.

As a leader of an organization, Johnny is concerned not only with expanding its scale and numbers but also with building a work environment where people feel valued, motivated to contribute, and empowered to contribute to collective success.

Big dreams are not easy, and work challenges have no easy answers. However, Johnny says that if we share the desire and act together, we will turn our dreams into reality. Therefore, work with a sense of responsibility. One day, when looking back, you will be surprised at what you have created.

Closing the conversation, Johnny emphasized feeling fortunate for the open culture, trust, and empowerment at NTQ, which have helped him immensely in his ambitious journey with NTQ Hong Kong over the past five years.


* This article is part of the series: “NTQ Rubik – series about NTQ people across the globe.”

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