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02 Feb 2024

T Dao

02 Feb 2024

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“Gratitude” doesn’t just stop at words of thanks; it has become an indispensable culture at NTQ Solution. Every contribution from NTQ members, from production to back-office departments, deserves recognition and honor. This is also the best way to inspire each NTQ member to continue contributing, striving, and relentlessly advancing in their careers. 

The achievements of NTQ Solution in 2023 bear the silent contributions from each member. The culture of gratitude continued to be inherited and spread more powerfully than ever. Let’s explore how NTQ Solution has conducted activities and recognition programs over the past year through the images below!

Thanks23 – Awarding the outstanding contributions 

Thanks event has become an indispensable tradition at NTQ Solution at the end of each year. As the name stands, the event is a special gratitude to all NTQ staff for their enthusiasm, effort, and continuous dedication throughout the year. One of the highlights of the Thanks event is the ceremony to honor individuals and teams at NTQ Solution who have made outstanding contributions. 

The Thanks23 event, which has just taken place, concluded with congratulations to over 50 representatives and groups that achieved remarkable success in 2023. They are not only winners but also represent a community that constantly strives, dedicates, and is passionately committed. This also encourages and inspires every NTQ staff member, instilling confidence and motivating them to rise even stronger in the new year.

The Lightkeepers 2023 – Special appreciation to long-tenure members.

That’s how we represent long tenure with over 5 years of working with us. Some have devoted their youth to dedication, while others have only recently reached this milestone. The most noticeable commonality is how they always “shine,” their spirits intimately tied to the organization, consistently giving their all and approaching their work with the same passion as in the early days. They contribute significantly to creating a beautiful image of the working environment at NTQ Solution. 

NTQ Solution also took a special occasion to express gratitude to these special individuals at the “The Lightkeepers 2023” event. Collectively, they looked back on the long journey, receiving special thanks from colleagues and company leadership. The event aimed to encourage these dedicated individuals. It demonstrated NTQ Solution’s commitment to building an organization with strong cohesion, always valuing every contribution and providing motivation for continuous personal development.

Shining Stars – Special tribute to internal lecturers

In harmony with the atmosphere of celebrating Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20th, NTQ Solution also took a moment to express special gratitude to its team of internal instructors – the individuals behind over 13,000 training hours and quality courses provided for NTQ members throughout the past year. 

More than 81 colleagues from various departments and units at NTQ Solution globally were honored in this special event. Beyond that, they contribute to developing an internal learning culture, helping NTQ members enhance their capabilities in every aspect to achieve peak performance in their work. 

Through the event, we want to motivate our “Shining Stars” to continue their passion for sharing, inspiring NTQ members to nurture their own spirit of continuous learning.

Not confined to the company level, the culture of gratitude has been strongly propagated even within various departments throughout the past year. At NTQ Solution, acts of appreciation within each unit manifest in diverse forms, ranging from annual/quarterly summaries, and hot bonuses to team-building activities that can occur anytime during the year. 

This expression of gratitude has contributed to creating a unified spirit within NTQ Solution, fostering a sense of solidarity and readiness to accompany each other in every journey. In 2024, NTQ Solution will continue to extend this culture through direct activities and internal platforms. The goal is to instill in every NTQ Solution member a stronger sense of attachment and motivation to rise even higher collectively!

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