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18 Oct 2023

T Dao

18 Oct 2023

At the moment, NTQ Solution has 04 branches worldwide, including NTQ Solution’s Headquarters in Vietnam, NTQ Japan, NTQ Korea, and NTQ Hong Kong. With the mission of “Leverage Vietnam’s position on the global digital map,” NTQ Solution is preparing for the establishment of an upcoming entity in the EU region.

Sharing about the EU Entity, Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO of NTQ Solution, emphasized:

“The introduction of NTQ Solution to the European market is part of the plan planned by the Company’s Board of Directors. European businesses is actively seeking and developing business in Asia. With the rising need for digital transformation, partners are also looking for resources with optimal costs, we believe now is the time for NTQ Solution to conquer this potential market.

NTQ Solution has the advantage of thorough preparation. We have a local CEO with rich experience and market understanding in the European market, directly running the Company. At the same time, thanks to its extensive network, NTQ Solution is confident of developing globalized services, quickly meeting the goal of becoming an important partner of businesses in Europe.”

In the conquest of the potential EU market, NTQ Solution has a certain advantage thanks to owning a large number of customers, thereby ensuring operating costs. In addition, with special attention to the Asian market from the EU, the establishment of NTQ Solution is considered the perfect momentum to further strengthen its position as the most attractive technology company in this potential continent.

Working with EU companies requires a high level of working standards & skillset. There will be almost no chance of any return if the collaboration is not effective. As a consequence, NTQ Solution has to constantly upgrade capacity and improve competitiveness to meet the strict criteria of the whole market.

The core competency that makes up the NTQ Solution brand lies in the fact that we firmly hold in the hands of a team of internationally trained personnel and solid technology background knowledge that can meet almost all difficult requirements from partners”

In this regard, the CTO of NTQ Solution – Mr. Phung Danh Tai Tat Thang, affirmed:

In this regard, the CTO of NTQ Solution – Mr. Phung Danh Tai Tat Thang, affirmed:

“Europe has always been in the world’s top 3 largest ICT markets. With more than 600 million culturally diverse users, a single market, and a financial platform, it is the most stable business environment in the world. The fact that we opened a company in Europe with a local CEO. This means we approach this entire international market with a local cultural mindset. With a country on the verge of strong development like Vietnam, this will be a great advantage for NTQ Solution to own a lot of room, quickly integrate, and bring comprehensive development solutions to the EU market.”

Mr. Tat Thang and his associates are focusing on promoting Company-level capabilities in AI and generative AI, Automation, Testing, SAP & ERP, Embedded, Low-code… These are also key capabilities NTQ Solution will invest in to spread more widely in the European market in the future.”

“Importantly, we need to share and invest carefully in service offerings to be ready to improvise and promptly support customers’ needs in all cases. This also helps NTQ Solution bring more added value to customers, and at the same time meet the end needs towards becoming an IT End-to-End completed solution provider, further developing business products in the future.”, he added.

Sharing the same view with the two leaders, Ms. Kimmi Nguyen – EU Business Development Manager, shared:

“European customers appreciate the quality of service at NTQ Solution. Therefore, the strategy of establishing and developing a Legal Entity in Europe will be very favorable, helping NTQ Solution easily connect with partners in these countries.”

The technology market is gradually warming again, and the acceptance of customers with vendors in Vietnam is a signal for businesses like NTQ Solution to have the opportunity to develop. Moreover, we have an advantage thanks to gaining the trust of large partners thanks to a good professional capacity. These customers all want in the shortest time to be able to quickly move offices from other neighboring countries to Vietnam.”

Thereby, the Board of Directors also set out a vision that by 2026, NTQ Solution will become one of Europe’s leading enterprises in technology solution services, thereby quickly developing a global strategic partner network.

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