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12 Dec 2022

Trung Dao

12 Dec 2022

NTQ Solution has successfully held the ceremony to welcome the company’s 1000th employee, marking the momentous milestone of having 1000+ official employees across 4 foreign branches.

As a Vietnamese company established with only 5 members sharing a burning desire to name Vietnam on the global digitalization map, without any capital support from investors and investment funds, it was such a challenging journey for NTQ Solution to go this far.

On that journey, we met countless obstacles and difficulties, but with a strong will, unstoppable dedication, and the right direction, NTQ Solution has overcome all the challenges and expanded 200 times in size after 11 years.

To achieve this success, we truly appreciate the trust and support of our long-term customers and partners who have companied with NTQ Solution from the beginning. And the tireless efforts of our staff, from new members to members with 5-10 years of seniority, are also the main factor to help NTQ Solution go this far. We always remember and try to express our deep gratitude to them on every special company anniversary.

With this milestone, NTQ Solution is now one of the biggest IT companies in Vietnam, confirming our position as a trustworthy technology partner of global enterprises. Our customers would receive tremendous benefits thanks to our large pool of resources and professional working processes. Besides, NTQ employees’ development opportunities are getting wider with more in-depth training programs and specialized positions. They can also participate in more international projects and research as well as apply to work on-site in the company’s foreign offices.

Taking this milestone as a foundation, NTQ Solution aims to achieve a more ambitious target with a size of 3000 in 2026. In the next three years, NTQ Solution will have significant changes with reckless plans to win our target as soon as possible. Let’s cheer for us and look forward to our changes!

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