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07 Sep 2023

T Dao

07 Sep 2023

On 31st August, NTQ Solution officially signed a MOU with Hivelab Vina to develop multimedia design service offerings for global clients. With a strong background of expertise & experiences, the two companies shared mutual visions & service development mindsets, setting a core basis to cultivate a design solution with the highest quality! 

Listen to the sharing of Mr Suh Hae Sung, CEO of Hivelab Vina & Mr Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, to learn more about the potential of this partnership! 

1. “The shared experience in global markets helps us gain a mutual understanding, leading to this cooperation”

Despite many differences in background, NTQ Solution & Hivelab Vina shared the same strength in delivering hundreds of successful projects for clients worldwide, leading the two companies to agree on signing a strategic partnership together. 

Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution & Mr. Suh Hae Sung, CEO of Hivelab Vina, expressed appreciation for each other’s achievements, allowing the two companies to easily achieve mutual ideas to develop new service offerings for global clients. 

“NTQ Solution impressed us with their intensive experiences in serving global clients and deep understanding of different vertical domains. We look forward to working with them and sharing creativity, just like how we (Hivelab Vina) is pursuing.”, Mr. Suh Hae Sung, CEO of Hivelab Vina, shared his opinions about NTQ Solution. 

2. “Combining “Technology” and “Design” is the key to building the service packages with the highest quality.”

The strategic partnership between NTQ Solution – An experienced partner with years of experience in delivering digital transformation and technology solutions, and Hivelab Media – A digital agency with a strong portfolio in multimedia design for global enterprises, is the combination that pulls the “Technology” and “Design” come closer. By leveraging those strengths, the two companies can deliver efficient design solutions in terms of visual appeal and address the needs of compatibility, performance, and optimization. 

“As we’re observing the rise of new technology such as AI & AR, many companies are more demanding when looking for an optimal design solution. We expect to leverage each other’s core strength in design and technology, leading to building new solutions that can reach the standards of top enterprises.”, Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, further expressed the partnership benefits to clients. 

3. “One Team” Spirit is the key to nurturing a long-term strategic partnership & realizing the big dreams together.”

In the partnership signing ceremony, Mr. Pham Thai Son highlighted “One Team”, a term that demonstrates the core spirit of NTQ-ers who are working with willingness, openness, and supporting each other to overcome difficulties. NTQ Solution wants to promote these values to build long-lasting relationships when working with partners & clients.

“At the beginning of the partnership with Hivelab Vina, our priority is to actively discuss and share ideas to understand each other, a crucial step to achieve significant objectives together. By going together, I believe we can even realize a greater dream together, such as building a design hub with more than 1000 employees in the next 5 – 10 years.” Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, expressed the core spirit of partnership. 

Mr. Suh Hae Sung, CEO of Hivelab Vina, shared the same ideas: “Active discussion & sharing ideas are the key strategies to aim towards effective partnership with zero barriers in language & working style. We are eager to share our deep knowledge and expertise in design with NTQ Solution”

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