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03 Oct 2023

T Dao

03 Oct 2023

We’re excited to announce that NTQ Solution has formed a strategic partnership with CAPALUS – An Internet Marketplace Platforms Provider based in Luxembourg. The partnership’s main focus is to deliver comprehensive digital transformation solutions & consultation for companies in Asia & Europe regions. 

Through this partnership, businesses in the EU and Asian regions can expect to benefit from our combined expertise in digital transformation, leading to increased efficiency and innovation. This alliance enables the two companies to synergize, with NTQ Solution bringing its technical IT prowess and CAPALUS contributing extensive knowledge of innovative online marketplaces.

NTQ Solution & CAPALUS aim to prolong success by combining excellent capabilities of each other to introduce groundbreaking tech solutions. To achieve this critical goal, both companies not only focus solely on business objectives but are also open to cultivating long-term relationships with clients through creating values aligning with their goals, seeing them as strategic partners. The collaboration ensures the clients receive innovative and efficient solutions tailored to their needs.

NTQ Solution has been proactively prioritizing the establishment of strategic partnerships as a key initiative in anticipation of its forthcoming EU entity. Prior to the collaboration with CAPALUS, NTQ Solution had already been forging strategic alliances with companies across the continent, including Sunrise Technology Services in England, AAA Intelligent Solutions in England, and ELIT International in the Netherlands.

“We are optimistic about the boundless possibilities this partnership unlocks and are eager to bring groundbreaking solutions to our clients and partners. Together, we aim to pave the way for a future were technology and innovation drive success”, said CAPALUS representative, 

  • About CAPALUS: CAPALUS is an innovative and scalable marketplace provider with a global business perspective that goes beyond the conventional online retail model. We are pioneers, ushering in a new digital era of borderless commerce across Europe. Our core focus lies in delivering a diverse range of premium FMCG products within the European market through our innovative online trading platform.
  • About NTQ Solution: NTQ Solution JSC. (NTQ) is a Global IT Consulting & Software development company with over 12 years of developing ICT solutions and helping global customers untangle their issues. NTQ has over 1,200 employees serving customers from 20 countries, delivering more than 600 successful projects for 300 clients worldwide in various sectors, including BFSI, Healthcare, Logistics, E-commerce… We have established offices in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan & Korea, with plans to expand to the US and Europe!
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