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09 May 2023

Trung Dao

09 May 2023

NTQ Japan, an international branch of NTQ Solution in Japan, has recently completed the final procedures to establish and operate its new office in Chiyoda, one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo known for its political and cultural significance, as well as being hub for many major financial corporations in Japan.

Hibiya Daibiru, NTQ Japan’s new office location, is categorized as high-end tier following the Japanese standard.

NTQ Japan’s office area is near the most well-known attraction, including the Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park, the National Museum of Modern Art, and Yasukuni Shrine. It’s also the heart of Japanese politics and the most accessible location due to various subway lines connections. This combination help NTQ Japan gain more comprehensive approaches to various business opportunities & connections.

A training session in the new office of NTQ Japan

NTQ Japan’s recent office relocation marks another breakthrough in its development journey, regarded as the critical strategic approach of NTQ Solution in Japan. Over the years, NTQ Japan has continuously expanded its presence in the demanding Japanese market and has become a trusted partner of many large clients. With the new office, NTQ Japan aims to maintain its rapid growth rate of 40% per year and reach the milestone of 300 employees (JP300) by 2026.


Some images of NTQ Japan’s office:

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