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19 May 2023

Trung Dao

19 May 2023

On 18th May, NTQ Japan was honoured to join the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) delegation to visit Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office under the invitation of Mr Kuroiwa Yuji, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture. The visit took place on the occasion of celebrating the successful partnership agreement between NTQ Japan and Rickie Business Solution (RBS), a strategic consulting firm operated by Mr Koichi Shibuya, Policy Advisor of Kanagawa Prefecture. 

The Vietnam Delegation had chances to meet & discuss with the leaders at Kanagawa Prefecture, including:

  • Mr Kuroiwa Yuji, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Mr Koichi Shibuya, Policy Advisor of Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO of Rickie Business Solution (RBS)
  • Mr Suziki, Managing Director of Yokohama Bank

During the visit, representatives from both sides reviewed the achievements and evaluated the outcomes of promotional activities while discussing and exploring long-term collaboration opportunities. The Ministry of Information and Communications expressed profound gratitude to the Kanagawa government for its continuous support and facilitation of effective Vietnamese business operations in the prefecture. NTQ Japan is a prominent example.

Mr Pham Thai Son, Director of NTQ Solution, extended his appreciation to Governor Kuroiwa Yuji for always supporting NTQ Japan from its establishment’s early days. He highlighted that NTQ Japan’s team highly valued their time operating in the prefecture while committing to keep contributing to the government and assisting companies wanting to set up new biz in Kanagawa.

Kanagawa Prefecture’s Leaders expressed gratitude to Vietnam’s Delegation and reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Vietnamese enterprises to do business there. Spoken in Vietnamese, the Governor of Kanagawa shared his excitement with the impressive achievements of NTQ Japan while providing the facts that the prefecture welcomed 14 new Vietnam companies to set up their business after the success of NTQ Japan.

The meeting recapped with shared understanding and expectations, a considerable motivation further to progress trade promotion activities between Vietnam & Japan, contributing to leveraging the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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