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25 Apr 2022

Trung Dao

25 Apr 2022

After 5 years of operation, EZDefence has exported thousands of “Make-in-Vietnam” hardware products to Japan.

EZDefence is a subsidiary of NTQ Solution specializing in supplying hardware product lines and in-depth research on new technologies. EZDefence was founded in 2017 as a result of a collaboration project between NTQ Solution and a partner. Its mission is to focus on research and development in 3 main service areas: Hardware & Firmware (circuit design and embedded software development), Plastic & Molding (EZPlastics – manufacturing and processing plastic products), and IoT & Smart Solutions (development of intelligent systems/solutions).

iLuton (Security Card) is EZPlastics’ first product – a security card that locks and unlocks computers automatically, protecting data and personal devices from hackers’ intrusion. iLuton is launched to the Japanese market, which has high standards for both appearance and product quality. Since its launch in the Japanese market in 2019, iLution has sold over 5000 sets and garnered a great deal of confidence and favorable feedback from customers.

EZPlastics also launched a number of spectacular, widely applicable products that were exported in significant quantities to international markets, including Workpecker (a product that supports smart helmets), E-Sensor & Solar Box (a cluster of energy-saving temperature sensors), etc. EZPlastics has sold over 3000 Workpecker sets and over 11.000 E-Sensor & Solar Box sets to the Japanese market. Thanks to the investment of NTQ Solution’s Board of Directors and the development potential of EZPlastics, EZPlastics now has a steady client base and is preparing the potential to progressively advance towards the manufacture of a complete set of products (including housings and circuits).

“In 2021, EZPlastics’ revenue has reached an impressive (exceed by 135% of the plan). In 2022, EZPlastics will continue to focus primarily on expanding and increasing sales of the plastic segment to the Japanese market, as well as conducting research and manufacturing of circuits.” – Mr. Le Ba Luc (Product Manager) shared – “EZPlastics aims to complete the IoT device product portfolio, which is tightly tied to NTQ Solution’s services. As NTQ Solution provides software services, if EZPlastics supports providing IoT devices with complete hardware for NTQ Solution, it would be a chance for both to boost perfecting products and provide more value to customers”.

The impressive achievements of EZPlastics have affirmed that NTQ Solution is a pioneer in the field of exporting hardware and software that offers World-Class standards to client partners all over the world. With its present achievements, EZPlastics is certain that it will fulfill its aim of expanding the plastic mold production model and completing the product line this year, allowing NTQ Solution to dominate the market in many nations and areas.

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