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29 May 2023

Trung Dao

29 May 2023

On 26th May, NTQ Japan, in cooperation with Holons & Holon Create, successfully organized a seminar to introduce the One-stop Corpex solution in Kanagawa, Japan, attracting representatives from more than 50 Japanese enterprises & companies to participate. This is the first time Corpex got introduced to the public since the partnership signing ceremony in April. 

The event attracted representatives from nearly 50 Japanese companies & enterprises to participate.

At the event, the audiences learned in detail about the Corpex service, including the foundation basis, capabilities of each partner and service model through the presentation of Corpex experts. Many audiences were impressed with the practical values of Corpex while expressing their desire to apply Corpex to their business practices.

In particular, the speakers highlighted the ability to encapsulate all the processes into a single “One-stop” solution. Corpex’s team will formulate a comprehensive product development roadmap based on the client’s product ideas, from designing prototypes and engineering to calculating output, manufacturing & final testing. The whole process is completely packaged and utilized with the latest technology, including AI, VR & Automation, to ensure the highest quality of deliverables & cost optimization.

The speaker introduces the capability of NTQ Solution to the audience.

With the successful release of Corpex, NTQ Japan, along with NTQ Solution, is proving its outstanding capabilities in hardware product development & delivering high compressibility DX solutions to businesses. These are the core strategy that NTQ Solution is currently focusing on to expand business scale in the global market.

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