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Transform A Leading Insurance Giant's Technology Ecosystem Through Cloud Services


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Client’s Location:

  • Hong Kong

About Client

Founded in Hong Kong several decades ago, our client is a subsidiary belong to one of the largest multinational insurance and finance corporations. With over 50 years of operational experience in the insurance industry and a strong commitment to delivering quality healthcare and financial protection, they have become a trusted partner for many individuals and companies worldwide. Offering a variety of products and services, including medical, travel, and general insurance, they have consistently strived to provide comprehensive and reliable coverage for their customers.

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The Requirements

The client's merger with their parent company, one of the largest insurance companies globally, necessitated the relocation of their entire technology ecosystem to the parent company's standard cloud platform. This included critical information from two medical centers and a city-wide medical network comprising over 300 affiliated service providers. The objective was to seamlessly manage and deliver leading propositions while significantly enhancing health outcomes for customers.

However, this migration presented substantial challenges:

  • Bridging security and infrastructure gaps between the existing system and the alternative.

  • Enhancing applications to meet the stringent requirements of development, security, and more.

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The Solution

NTQ Solution, leveraging our extensive experience in collaborating with major players in the insurance industry, stepped in with a comprehensive plan:

  • An initial assessment involved code scanning and coordination of penetration tests. This laid the foundation for preparing transition architectures and a roadmap for the migration process.

  • Applications underwent a thorough enhancement process, focusing on resolving critical security issues and ensuring compatibility with the target cloud environment. Additionally, a revamp was executed to facilitate Data Center separation.

  • Code changes were meticulously implemented to adapt to the target cloud environment seamlessly. Trial migrations were conducted to validate the process, followed by the full-scale migration, adhering strictly to the alternative cloud platform's standards.

NTQ's expertise, honed through many successful projects in collaboration with major global insurance companies, was further bolstered by on-shore Technical Advisor staff. This invaluable combination allowed for an optimized assessment phase, as NTQ's team possessed a deep understanding of the working standards of the customers.

Tech Stack

c sharp
microsoft net
sql serve
visual basic
vb net

The Results

This collaborative effort resulted in a seamless integration of the client's technology ecosystem into their parent standard cloud platform. The seamless integration of their technology ecosystem has not only met the requirements of the merger but has also positioned them as a leader in leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver improved health outcomes for their customers.

The success of this project stands as a testament to the expertise and dedication of the NTQ team, showcasing our ability to navigate complex technological landscapes and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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Voice of Customer

We value customer reviews because they are more valuable than any advertising.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to the NTQ Solution team for your great contribution to successfully implementing the data center migration project. All of you have demonstrated your professionalism, dedication, and commitment, which are all critical success factors to this project.

This has been a long and challenging journey for over a year. With our collaborative effort, we have overcome many challenges and finally reached our destination and achieved the key milestone of the Buffalo integration program.

Review from customer after project completion


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