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Leverage Sales Management Process For A Leading Insurance Firm


  • BFSI


  • Application Development

Client’s Location:

  • Vietnam

About Client

Our client is a reowned insurance companies, established as a joint venture between top global key players and one of the largest commercial bank in Vietnam. The firm has been serving over thousands of customers nationwide, receiving a wide range of domestic & international recognizations as the most growing companies in the BFSI sectors. Offering a wide range of insurance products, they have consistently strived to provide comprehensive and reliable coverage for their customers.

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The Requirements

With a huge loads of customers, our client is facing with lots of challenges in managing their current database, which might slow down future decision making process. Aside from gathering customer insights, they want to build optimal approach to increase better connection in sales process, contributing to improve the overall service quality.

Given these requirements, they came to collaborate with NTQ Solution with an objective to complete following deliverables:

  • End-to-end CRM Portal: A portal designed for sales staffs that allows comprehensive functions, including managing lead journey, contract status, data input for future marketing & operations. The portal should be integrated into current ERP system, while ensuring durable & scalable options for further improvement.

  • Customer View System: A web-based solution that allows client to fully store their customer database with detailed analytic options. The portal should be based on Angular application design pattern or framework that can be applied to future projects.

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The Solution

NTQ Solution, leveraging our extensive experience in collaborating with major players & strong understanding of insurance industry, stepped in a comprehensive solution to satisty the clients' inquiries:

  • End-to-end CRM Portal: Upon assessing the current infrastructure & system, our team came up with developing the portal based on microservice models, coming along with an architecture that offers flexible choices of development approach within a single API output. This architect allows clients to easily develop, optimize & integrate multi application easier than ever, while bringing a more convenient experience for the main user of the portal.

  • Customer View System: Based on the Angular structure, our team broke down to independence manageable modules to make easy to maintain and add new functions. Moreover, the system is ensured to be capable of processing & categorizing huge loads of datas at accelerated speed.

Tech Stack

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The Results

Our team's product went beyond the expectation of clients' needs. The new system has further unlocked a greater performance for our clients' sales activities, contributing to increasing overall service quality. The success of the project demonstrates NTQ Solution's strong background & capability in providing digital solutions for BFSI sectors.

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