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NTQ’s Odyssey With Big Healthcare Company In Redefining Fitness Excellence


  • Healthcare


  • Application Development

  • UI/UX Design

Client’s Location:

  • Japan

About Client

Founded in 1979, the client, rooted in its beginnings as a tennis coaching center, has evolved over nearly 45 years into a thriving conglomerate in comprehensive sports and fitness clubs. This expansion includes fitness clubs, swimming schools, and golf academies across Japan. By the end of March 2023, our client had boasted 188 clubs nationwide, with a membership base of 400,000, ranging from toddlers to adolescents and adults. Their mission is to extend a healthy and comfortable lifestyle to people worldwide.


The Requirements

The client entrust us with two pivotal tasks.

Firstly, to maintain, fine-tunes, and update their existing system, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technologicial advancements.

Secondly, the development of a seamless payment and member registration system on their website is essential.

This demanded an accurate focus on UI design and code, aligning precisely with the client's application programming interface (API) parameters and screen mockups, guaranteeing they met the client's exacting standards.


The Solution

Our dedicated team embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, preserving the essence of the existing system while optimizing it for peak performance. The development of the payment and member registration system was executed with precision, meticulously aligning the UI design and code with the client's API parameters and screen mockups. Every aspect was scrutinized to ensure it met the client's exacting standards.


Tech Stack

Program Language




Main Features

  • Timeline Management: Streamline post creation with detailed elements like content, descriptions, cover photos and user tagging.
  • Tag Customization and Categorization: Enhance post organization by empowering users to create custom tags, improving search functionality.
  • Personal Goal Setting: Enable users to establish personalized health goals, including weight management and body fat percentage targets.
  • Checkout Time Administration: Monitor and manage checkout times comprehensively, including instances, program durations, and flexible timeline modifications.
  • Usage Overview and Calendar Integration: Provide a comprehensive view of usage statistics, anticipated dates, and holiday schedules for efficient program planning. Synchronize with calendars for enhanced user awareness.
  • Cloud-Based Photo Synchronization: Securely sync posted photos with leading cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud) for accessible storage of user-generated content.

The Results

The transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. The client's digital ecosystem now stands as a testament to seamless integration and flawless execution. The existing system runs at peak efficiency, boasting updated features that keep it at the forefront of technology. The newly integrated payment and member registration system not only meets but surpasses the client's expectations, providing a user experience that is intuitive and streamlined.

Our client can now stride confidently towards their vision of a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle for people worldwide. This success story stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to not only meet but exceed the unique requirements of our esteemed clients.


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