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A Digital Approach To Leverage Service Quality For Japanese Hospitals


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Client’s Location:

  • Japan

About Client

Our client is the leading comprehensive manufacturer of automatic identification system, a subsidiary of the largest engineering corporation in Japan. They have over 3 decades of experiences in providing hardware and software solutions for RFID technology and barcode systems that decipher the “movements” of people, life, industry and society, tailored to the customer’s business location.

MTS about client

The Requirements

Due to lacking of efficient management tool, many Japanese hospitals are still relying on manual works, which might cause slow processing & potential inaccurate diagnostic results delivered to the patients. With the rising demands of healthcare services, the current system is getting outdated and in need of acceleration to adapt with the on-going changes.

As a company with the vision to create a better future for all, our client wants to contribute to solve this critical gaps of current healthcare system through integrated technology solutions. To realize this mission, they seek for a trusted partner with solid background of tech expertise & industry insights. NTQ Solution's profile matched the most essential criterias of our clients.

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The Solution

Gathering our prolonging experiences in healthcare tech development, NTQ Solution came up with a plan to build cloud-based platform that can easily storage, collect & analyse patients' database, ensuring the following qualification:

  • Our team identified the comprehensive medical examination process, then convert into a corresponding system.

  • The platform allows end-users to easily book appointment, with an automated function to assign available examiner & send reminder emails upon successful registration.

  • For the healthcare service provider, the platform allow medical staff to collect the patients' info right after registration, which allows easily performing of examination, tracking the progress & handling results to the patients.

  • The new platform guarantees to accelerate the result to be delivered faster & more accurate than the old manual works, while ensuring a high level of data security.

  • The platform is designed to be compatible with both PC & Smartphone, creating a flexible experience for users.

Tech Stack

postgre sql

The Results

The final deliverable's quality exceeded the expectations of our clients. Aside from the clients' satisfaction, the platform has been successfully deployed in some of Japanese hospitals, receiving positive feedbacks for its' efficiency. The platform is capable of handling over thousands of patients' profile at accelerated speed, reducing more than 70% of processing time compared to the traditional works.

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