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21 Jul 2023

Trung Dao

21 Jul 2023

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Aiming to become a global company since establishment, NTQ Solution’s core strategy is to expand global presence with a localized approach to match the specific needs of different markets. With this approach, NTQ Solution has gained a solid position in many big markets, including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, EU & America. 

Explore our tailored strategy for global markets through the information below!

Think Global – World-class Quality & Global Partnership!

NTQ Solution always focuses on bringing the best “World-class” standard solutions to generate significant value for global clients. We believe this is the basis for becoming a global company with stable development & solid position.

At NTQ Solution, “Think Global” is ingrained in every aspect of operations. For employees, NTQ Solution focuses on enhancing foreign language proficiency and work skills, cultivating the qualities of global citizens to help deliver exceptional service while collaborating with foreign clients. Our commitment to progress goes hand in hand with technology trends. We continuously update and implement cutting-edge solutions like AI, IoT, and AR/VR, facilitating a seamless digital transformation for businesses at home and abroad.

Beyond optimizing internal resources, NTQ Solution actively expands our partner network, bolstering our technological service deployment capabilities. As a result, we serve as a valuable bridge for partners looking to venture into markets where NTQ Solution already excels and vice versa. This strategic approach has proven influential, propelling our success in critical markets worldwide!

Act Local – Localized Approach To Sustainable Development!

Each country possesses unique cultural, working, and technological characteristics, demanding a profound understanding for businesses to operate effectively in these diverse markets. Recognizing this, NTQ Solution has adopted the “Act Local” approach as a crucial, long-term strategy for sustainable development in every international market. Our approach involves establishing branches, recruiting local talents, and nurturing a network of partners in each market.

At NTQ Solution, setting up a branch entails more than just opening a representative office. We take a customized approach, establishing a dedicated local team and hiring native personnel to gain deep insights into the market. For instance, we established NTQ Japan with nearly 100 employees in the Japanese market and a subsidiary, NTQ Consulting Japan (NCJ), staffed 100% entirely by Japanese professionals for strategic consulting. Moreover, we actively provide opportunities for our Vietnam-based staff to work directly (on-site) in international markets, gaining valuable experience and understanding different working styles and cultures.

In addition to branch establishment, NTQ Solution actively expands the network of local partners to enhance service quality and delve into the intricacies of specific sectors. This approach has proven successful in markets like Korea, where we collaborate with technology & domain expert partners such as HanshinIT and MWNetworks. We have formed service joint ventures in Japan and partnered with prominent corporations like Renesas & NEC, solidifying our market position. In Hong Kong, our network includes major financial corporations, granting us market insights and a comprehensive understanding of this field.

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Gain more insights from NTQ Solution.