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13 Oct 2023

T Dao

13 Oct 2023

Setting “Beyond Global” as the key objective in 2023, NTQ Solution has established a wide range of strategies to improve its presence in the global market. One of the most critical directions that NTQ Solution is heavily investing in is to establish a new entity in the EU market, one of the top global regions in technology development.  

Through actively exploring the markets, along with joining various events, help NTQ Solution to build a solid partnership network in the region. The partnership opens vast opportunities for NTQ Solution to improve its understanding of local markets, gathering insights to build service offerings tailored to the specific needs of each country in the region. 

Once again, let’s look at the recap of NTQ Solution’s partnership activities in the EU region! 

NTQ Solution partners with Sunrise Technology Services To Accelerate Digital Transformation For Europe Banking & Finance Clients!

In August 2023, NTQ Solution and Sunrise Technology Services, a UK-based consultancy & software development service provider, signed a partnership to provide digital transformation solutions designed specifically for banking & finance sectors in the UK and Europe region, which is a crucial milestone to prepare for the upcoming establishment of the new entity in EU region, accelerating the “Beyond Global” goal! Within the scope of the partnership, the two companies will join hands to research market insights and identify the core demands to build an end-to-end service that taps directly into clients’ needs.

Through combining a solid market understanding and outstanding technology capabilities, NTQ Solution and Sunrise Technology Services can provide high-quality solutions with a wide range of choices, from AI Integration, Cloud Migration to DX Consulting Services…

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NTQ Solution To Become Partner With Award-winning AAA Intelligent Solution To Deliver Digital Solutions For Clients Worldwide

In September, NTQ Solution formed a partnership with AAA Intelligent Solution, a UK-based technology company with global presence in UAE & Africa, focusing on delivering comprehensive digital transformation solutions & consultation to tackle the needs of the UK and EMEA markets.

AAA Intelligent Solutions is a technology company that provides comprehensive digital solutions ranging from business management platforms and human resources to real estate technology. Since founded in 1999, the company has been offering more than 10,000 solutions to a wide range of top global groups & enterprises, with a presence in many countries in the Middle East, India & Africa.

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NTQ Solution Cooperates With CAPALUS To Empower Digital Solutions Across European & Asian Regions 

In September, NTQ Solution partnered with CAPALUS – An Internet Marketplace Platforms Provider based in Luxembourg. The partnership’s main focus is to deliver comprehensive digital transformation solutions & consultation for companies in Asia & Europe regions. 

Through this partnership, businesses in the EU and Asian regions can expect to benefit from our combined expertise in digital transformation, leading to increased efficiency and innovation. This alliance enables the two companies to synergize, with NTQ Solution bringing its technical IT prowess and CAPALUS contributing extensive knowledge of innovative online marketplaces.

NTQ Solution Partners with BearStudio To Introduce Comprehensive Digital Solutions

NTQ Solution has taken another significant step in its European expansion by partnering with BearStudio, a digital design studio based in France. BearStudio is NTQ Solution’s first partner in the French market.

Within this collaboration’s framework, both companies combine their core capabilities to provide comprehensive end-to-end service solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses in France, from consultation to strategy implementation. The two parties will engage in continuous discussions and market trend research to ensure the regular introduction of innovative ideas tailored to meet customer requirements.

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