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13 Dec 2023

T Dao

13 Dec 2023

On 11th December at the National Forum on Digital Enterprises Development 2023 (VFTE 2023), Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO NTQ Solution, was honored to share his perspectives with hundreds of audiences, including government, enterprises & companies representatives. He delivered a presentation with insightful perspectives based on his experience turning NTQ Solution into a global company. 

Based on global IT market statistics, Mr. Pham Thai Son believes many opportunities exist for Vietnamese enterprises to shine in the global market. Vietnamese businesses have developed numerous groundbreaking solution products, benefiting from the growth of the digital economy. However, they have not yet succeeded in executing services at a higher level. NTQ Solution’s representatives suggest that businesses boldly diversify their services and solutions. By doing so, they can expand their scope while contributing to leveraging Vietnam IT Industry on the global map.

Sharing insights into business development, Mr. Pham Thai Son believes that NTQ Solution has taken these opportunities efficiently thanks to a reasonable business strategy. From the initial days, NTQ Solution efficiently utilized these advantages to build customer relationships, gradually expanding and seizing every opportunity in various markets to enhance cooperation and deliver value to existing relationships.

Within the scope of the December 11th event, NTQ Solution’s Global Development Center was honored as one of the four highest-ranking gold award recipients at the Make In Vietnam 2023 awards ceremony. This recognition underscores that NTQ Solution’s solutions have made a significant positive impact, substantially reinforcing Vietnam’s position in the global IT market.