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30 Jan 2024

T Dao

30 Jan 2024

On January 26th, more than 1300 members, along with several partners and customers of NTQ Solution, gathered at Thanks23 – A special Year-end Party where we celebrate meaningful moments and send gratitude to each other.

NTQ Solution’s Team at Thanks23

Thanks23 began with a moment of flashing back into NTQ Solution’s most notable achievements in the past year through visual elements and attractive performances from NTQ-ers. Reflecting on this journey, Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO NTQ Solution, affirmed that the appropriate strategic directions, coupled with the efforts of over 1300 global employees, have enabled the organization to achieve a remarkable growth rate of over 35% in the tough landscape 2023.

The focal point of Thanks23 was a special tribute to more than 50 individuals and departments who made outstanding contributions in the past year. They showcased excellent performance and represented the whole spirit of NTQ Solution as a dynamic, energetic & enthusiastic organization striving hard to delve into new milestones.

Thanks23 honored more than 50 individuals with outstanding performance in 2023

The Thanks23 event concluded with a farewell to 2023, ushering in 2024 with the aspiration “Together we rise” towards a stronger Beyond Global goal. Thanks to all the distinguished guests and members who created a memorable year-end celebration together!

Some images taken at Thanks23 event! 

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