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15 Sep 2021

Trung Dao

15 Sep 2021

New business models are putting traditional companies under increasing pressure, forcing them to change and adapt to survive and grow. Digital transformation is the key to success for firms in all fields, including the healthcare industry.

On September 1st, 2021, DentalFlow Joint Stock Company was established by Mr.Vu Duy Khanh, Founder & CEO. DentalFlow is a software developed specifically for the dental clinic system, focused on providing professional solutions to improve the quality and treatment services of the medical industry. Furthermore, DentalFlow also connects and builds strong relationships between customers and clinics.

Client and user experience are the heart of DentalFlow. DentalFlow has always been looking forward to software innovations that address and improve not only practice management operations but also clinical operations treatment. As a solution designed by doctors, DentalFlow’s in-depth dental industry understanding minimizes waste for dental clinics” – Mr.Vu Duy Khanh shared.

DentalFlow can be operated on multiple device platforms with no installation required. It integrates medical records data, forms, tasks, and notes – all in one software. Further, a multi-channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system on Calendars and Social channels enhances customer service. DentalFlow also integrates AI technology to automatically calculate and display administrative indicators on the Dashboard, which helps users make optimal operational decisions.

For the clinic owners, DentalFlow can maximize management needs, optimize connection time and transmit information between departments in the clinic. With the core value “Save time – Optimize costs – Increase revenue,” DentalFlow creates a complete dental ecosystem between Patients – Clinics – Dentists – Suppliers – Training center. In addition, DentalFlow helps dentists to improve and enhance their dental practice.

For the patient, DentalFlow benefits them with the best care and customized treatment through processed data. DentalFlow is also a review platform that makes customers find clinics easier and more reliable based on evaluation and reviews of other users.

DentalFlow has successfully deployed digital transformation solutions for more than 20 customers who are medium and large clinics within a short time. With the slogan “DentalFlow – Solution by dentists for dentists,” DentalFlow strives to become the leading solution provider of Vietnam’s dental industry in the next five years – Top 1 dental ERP.

Learn more about how the innovative clinic management system can transform the dental industry and how DentalFlow can help on