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13 Dec 2023

T Dao

13 Dec 2023

On 11th December in Ha Long City, the “Make in Vietnam Digital Technology Product” Award 2023 was successfully concluded with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister and hundreds of representatives from the Vietnam government & enterprises. NTQ Solution’s Global Development Center (GDC) was honored to become one of the outstanding products receiving the prestigious “Gold Award” at the ceremony.
Overcoming rigorous assessment rounds, the judgment council highly appreciated NTQ Solution’s GDC model, resulting in one of the four excellent products receiving this prestigious award. GDC has been one of the most significant products contributing large revenue for NTQ Solution, with hundreds of successful projects in more than 20 countries.
NTQ Solution was honored at the “Top 10 Outstanding Digital Products for Foreign Markets” and the highest-ranking Gold Award at the ceremony.
Mr. Tran Ho Phuong – Vice President of NTQ Solution and other companies receiving the Gold Award – The highest rank award in this year’s ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mr. Pham Thai Son, CEO of NTQ Solution, delivered a presentation offering insights into the global expansion of Vietnamese digital enterprises. Drawing from the experience of building NTQ Solution into a global enterprise, Mr. Pham Thai Son emphasized that a successful strategy must stem from a deep understanding of global markets, emphasizing technology & resource investment to enhance customer value.

Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO NTQ Solution – Delivered speech at the stage of Make In Vietnam 2023 Award Ceremony
Make In Vietnam 2023 is an award within the framework of the National Forum on Digital Enterprises Development 2023 (VFTE), one of the prestigious events organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications. This year’s award attracted more than 277 nominations, selecting 43 outstanding products honored at the award ceremony. This recognition is a testament to NTQ Solution’s efforts in contributing to Vietnam’s global digital presence!