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14 Nov 2022

Trung Dao

14 Nov 2022

On November 11th, NTQ Solution successfully held the “Establishing NTQ Solution’s Labor Union” ceremony with the participation of Ms. Le Thi Kim Hue – Chairman of Dong Da District Labor Confederation, Ms. Dinh Thi Thu Huyen – Vice Chairman of Dong Da District Labor Confederation, Mr. Tran Ho Phuong – Vice President of NTQ Solution, Ms. Nguyen Huong Lan – Head of People Development Department, members of NTQ Solution, and journalists on reporting the event. 

It is one of the most critical events within the NTQ’s strategy of optimizing operational work and improving operational efficiency. With being established officially, NTQ Solution’s labor unit, an organization representing workers, doesn’t only assure every member’s legal rights and benefits, but it also becomes a bridge between the company and employees, supporting the BOD to propagandizing new policies and sharing visions and directions, and helping members submit wishes and ideas to managers effectively.

Mr. Tran Ho Phuong – Vice President of NTQ Solution – stated: “NTQ Solution is proud to be the typical enterprise of Dong Da District to be chosen to establish a model labor union. Having this union officially, NTQ Solution will be able to ensure the legal rights and benefits of every NTQ’s member and give them better care, from physical to mental, which will enable them to focus on studying, improving their competence, and working more productively in any situation. Hence, we voluntarily participate in the Vietnamese Trade Union and devote a portion of our resources to this activity. Moreover, NTQ Solution commits always to support and give the best conditions to NTQ’s Labor Union to develop stronger“.

Ms. Le Thi Kim Hue – Chairman of Dong Da District Labor Confederation – highly evaluated the thoughtfulness and well preparation of NTQ Solution in establishing the company’s labor union compared to many other firms and was very impressed by the enthusiasm of NTQ’s members in the event. Besides assigning tasks, she gave her word to dedicate to helping union members receive all the necessary support and legal benefits.

Through this event, NTQ Solution strongly expresses the spirit of “Companion”, always respecting every member’s legal rights and benefits, and strengthens the value of “Discipline”, leveraging the workforce’s enthusiasm. Not only does all NTQ’s member feel satisfied with the assurance protecting their legal rights and benefits, but they also have a truthful place to receive consultancy and support and share their aspirations with the BOD.

This event also proves NTQ Solution has regard for both company’s members and the company’s customers and partners, with kindness and dedication as the basis for communication and cooperation with individuals, companies, and institutions. NTQ Solution, thus, can optimize the operational process, strengthen the workforce’s spirit, and improve discipline and productivity, which leads to higher quality products and services, creating more sustainable, practical values for customers.