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04 Oct 2021

Trung Dao

04 Oct 2021

Bill Gates once said: “School shows us the key to knowledge, learning in life is a lifelong job”. Instilled with the philosophy that the learning process is not limited to schools, NTQ has always been willing to share learning opportunities with young talents via different community events for sustainable development.

Ryukoku University (Japan) invited representatives from NTQ Solution in a webinar on 25/8/2021, to share experiences for the students of the university to prepare and equip the students with practical knowledge about IT as well as their career path in this industry.

Ryukoku University

Via this sharing program, NTQ Solution aims to give the students in Ryukoku University the opportunities to broaden their knowledge of the IT industry with the most practical experiences and insightful advice from seniors with outstanding backgrounds in the IT industry.

In particular, students participating in this event had the chance to get exposed to NTQ Solution as well as the working culture in Vietnam and Japan. Furthermore, in this program, students were divided into different groups to meet and discuss with engineers from NTQ to understand the market trend, the development of the IT industry, opportunities in this field as well as working experiences in Vietnam and Japan. During the event, the students express their interest in the working environment in an international company like NTQ.

This event has left a remarkable impression between NTQ and Ryukoku University (Japan), thus building a rapport between the two sides for further cooperation in the long run. Additionally, NTQ Solution expressed its highest concern for the matter of training and development. The company not only focuses on its employees but also on young talents. In the future, NTQ will keep holding meaningful events to contribute to the community to attain sustainable development in the long run.