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24 Oct 2022

Trung Dao

24 Oct 2022

On October 18th, NTQ Solution and HanshinIT successfully signed a partnership agreement. The signing ceremony was held online at both ends of Hanoi (Vietnam) and Seoul (Korea) with the participation of Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO of NTQ Solution, Mr. Park Jeong Sik – CEO of HanshinIT, Mr. Noh Bong Rae – Director of Business Development of HanshinIT, and key members from both sides.

The Virtual handshake between Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO of NTQ Solution- and Mr. Park Jeong Sik – CEO of HanshinIT

NTQ Solution is a company providing comprehensive digital transformation solutions for global companies. It is honored as one of the 10 leading Vietnamese companies in the Exporting Software field and has achieved the Sao Khue award for seven consecutive years. NTQ Solution now has 4 international branches and 1,000+ employees and has provided services for over 300 companies in 20+ countries.

HanshinIT is a Korean company that has been operating in the Internet industry for 16 years and delivering services to many global companies. Collaborating with HanshinIT will help NTQ Solution has deep insights into the Korean market and companies.

CEO Park Jeong Sik of HanshinIT and Director Chanmi Won of NTQ Korea

At the ceremony, Mr. Park Jeong Sik – CEO of HanshinIT – said: “After discussing and working with NTQ Solution, we have a high trust for the company’s competence, professional working style, and dedication. Specifically, both companies share similar values and development goals. Therefore, HanshinIT believes that the cooperation between the two companies will firmly push us ahead to develop stronger”.

Mr. Pham Thai Son – CEO of NTQ Solution – shared: “One of our key strategies in 2022 is actively cooperating with big global companies to create more sustainable values for our customers and partners within NTQ’s technology ecosystem. The Korean market is also an important market for NTQ. Being a partner with HanshinIT is an important event that helps NTQ get closer to the company’s goal”.

Congratulations on NTQ Solution and HanshinIT! May this partnership be successful and long-lasting!