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29 Apr 2022

Trung Dao

29 Apr 2022

The Sao Khue Award Ceremony and Awards 2022 took place this April 23, 2022 – with 174 exceptional units awarded. This is the 19th year Sao Khue Awards have been held and have attracted the largest number of nominations and registered businesses since the award’s inception.

This year, NTQ Solution was honored to receive the Sao Khue Awards 2022 for the seventh consecutive year – the Software Outsourcing service category. This award serves as a recognition, encouragement, and pride for the NTQ Solution’s excellent contributions to the development of Vietnam’s IT industry over the last few years.

Since 2011, NTQ Solution has had outstanding growth in terms of quantity, size, technology level, and corporate governance. Started with only 5 members and currently has over 800 people both in Vietnam and abroad. NTQ now has a head office in Hanoi and three foreign branches (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong). After more than a decade of operation, NTQ Solution has acquired the trust of significant global organizations in the most demanding areas, namely Japan, Korea, Hongkong Vietnam, the US, the EU, etc.

NTQ Solution is lauded for putting a strong emphasis on social development, creating promising jobs for 800+ employees, and training an average of 4,300 talents for the industry. NTQ is also recognized for helping to improve the relationship between Vietnam and Japan, particularly in Kanagawa Province, which serves as a lever for supporting Vietnamese businesses to expand opportunities abroad. In 2021 and early 2022, under the pressure of the pandemic and new normal, NTQ still achieved significant success, contributing significantly to the economy and supporting other industry in the digital transformation movement. NTQ now is a trusted partner of over 150+ International Partners and accomplishing over 250+ projects.

In the next 5-year phase, NTQ Solution aspires to become a Global SI Service Provider, mastering emerging technology solutions and towarding delivering the “World-class” services to its partners. With this recognition, NTQ Solution is solidifying its position not only in Vietnam but also on the global digital map. This will serve as a strong stepping stone for NTQ Solution to conquer the mission of “Leveraging Vietnamese people on the digital map”, allowing it to take on new challenges, achieve greater success, and continue contributing to the IT industry.

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