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19 Sep 2022

Trung Dao

19 Sep 2022

Being honored as “TOP 10 Vietnam IT Companies 2022” is crucial for NTQ Solution to win the “TOP 5 leading IT Companies in Vietnam” target in 2026. This award proves NTQ’s professional competency, high-quality services, excellent growth ability, and strong position in the market.

Starting as a Vietnamese start-up with only five members and limited capital, after 11 years of consistently dedication and innovation, NTQ Solution has made many achievements, including:

  • 1000+ employees
  • 4 global branches
  • 600+ global projects
  • 300+ clients from 21 countries
  • Continuously cooperate with leading companies worldwide like AIA, Singtel, CJ, and TCS.

These are huge advantages of NTQ Solution to accomplish the “Globalization” strategy by being a technology partner of international enterprises. These companies have the most rigorous requirements for their partners regarding size, competency, resources, experiences, and sales. Being their partner is the most significant way to affirm the company’s position and capacity.

In the short term, NTQ Solution focuses on investing in developing more robust access to new markets. We aim to export “World-class” Vietnamese products and “wow service” all over the world to complete our mission “Leverage Vietnamese profile on the global digital map.”


Japan is NTQ Solution’s key market. After six years of establishment, NTQ Japan has increased 26 times in employees and 43 times in customers, especially since nearly 50% of our customers are Mega and Semi-Mega – leading global enterprises with enormous sales yearly.

By establishing NTQ Consulting Japan (NCJ) – a subsidiary providing consulting services about technology solutions, NTQ Solution is developing software solutions and delivering a full-service technology package. NCJ will provide an all-in Onestop service, from defining the customer’s requirements to the maintenance stage to improve quality and optimize the cost.

In terms of R&D and ioT products, NTQ will invest in studying the most advanced technologies to develop and upgrade our “Make-in-NTQ” products and export them to fastidious markets like Japan. The total products of NTQ exporting to Japan has reached 30.000.

NTQ will also cooperate with technology companies to develop sincerely IT services related to the industries like BFSI (Bank-Finance-Security-Insurance), Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Retail and eCommerce, Logistic and Transportation, etc.


Korean companies are in a fierce digital transformation race; therefore, cooperating with Vietnamese IT companies is a preferred choice because of the abundant high-quality human resources and optimized costs. NTQ Korea has consistently signed cooperation contracts with large Korean companies using high technologies like Simulation, AI, Cloud, Robotics and Blockchain, proving our strong potency in this market. Moreover, NTQ Solution has a Korean branch and a professional team fluently in Korean, creating a significant advantage for us when working with Korean companies.

In the future, NTQ Solution aims to develop software stronger and actively cooperate with enterprises in Korea, especially in the field of E-commerce, BFSI (banking, finance, insurance), and healthcare. NTQ Solution also studies the most advanced technologies to enhance our capacity and be ahead of the trends. Besides, we will create exchanging and training talented engineers program in Korea to develop our team.

South East Asia

NTQ Solution assumes South East Asia is a potential market in the post-Covid era because the companies’ demand for digital transformation is increasing dramatically while the number of technology companies is still low.

After discussing with many C-level executives, in the short term, NTQ will focus on widely cooperating with local companies and exchanging products to support each other in accessing the market. Besides, NTQ Solution is partnering with TCA to develop a core technology solution, TCS BaNCS, to help BFSI companies transform digitally faster and more effectively.


NTQ Solution is cooperating with some big clients in the EU. Our exclusive model – BOTC – is attracting many companies in this market which is planning to access the SEA market. According to the plan, at the end of 2022, NTQ’s sales in the EU will reach 1 million USD, and NTQ will open a new branch in this area in 2023. NTQ is researching and finding the most suitable place for this new office.

Opening an official European branch is one of NTQ’s critical plans to prove our competency and strong potency and expand comprehensive cooperation with international enterprises in the next year.


America is also a market that NTQ Solution is attaching importance in the third 5-year development plan. To access this market effectively, NTQ Solution is developing a professional team with fluent English, well-knowledge about technology, understanding of customers’ insight, and high-skilled in customer service.

When sales in this market reach 1 million USD, NTQ Solution will officially open a new branch here and finish by 2025.