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21 Dec 2023

T Dao

21 Dec 2023

Recently, NTQ Korea added another significant milestone by successfully go live an eCommerce website project with 2 million dollars in scale. The project is a crucial component that serves the client’s business strategy in key markets, including US, Canada & Taiwan. 

The project team has been going through an intensive schedule for several months to work closely with clients to identify the key objectives, and requirements for the final products. This project’s most challenging aspect is providing solutions that could synchronize and adapt to each market’s unique characteristics. Additionally, it’s important to maintain effective communication with the client within the time zone differences. 

The project team took a picture with the clients’ representatives during visiting NTQ Solution’s office in Hanoi

Before releasing, the project team assigned members 24/7 intervals to maintain constant communication with the client upon requirements while spending time building a stable product beforehand. The team is currently continuing the support process after the successful go-live. 

The project team’s professionalism, dedication, and meticulousness contributed to the system’s successful deployment according to the schedule, delivering quality that met all client requirements. This accomplishment serves as a crucial foundation, reinforcing NTQ Korea’s commitment to building trust with clients and paving the way for expanding collaborative opportunities in the future.