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06 Dec 2022

Trung Dao

06 Dec 2022

After 3 years of operating, Ms. Won Chan-mi – Country Manager of NTQ Korea – stated that next year, Korea would be a key market of NTQ Solution. Therefore, NTQ Korea is focusing on collaboration and improvement of employees’ competence and providing digitalization solutions for local businesses, dedicating to becoming one of the three leading Outsourcing IT companies in this market by 2026. 

Q: Since its establishment in November 2019, what achievements has NTQ Korea achieved?


A: NTQ Korea was established at the end of 2019, right before the outbreak of Covid-19, which caused us to meet many obstacles in developing business. However, our sales still increase up to 30% after 3 years, and we successfully proved our competence to the customers.

NTQ Korea aims for the “companion value”, bringing about real and sustainable customer benefits. Not only through our excellent products and services but also through our support to thrive businesses within an international environment, based on the foothold of NTQ Solution as Top 10 Vietnamese IT Companies and has cooperated with 300 firms worldwide.

So far, NTQ Korea is proud to be a trustworthy partner that our Korean clients have a long-period collaboration plan, are ready to technological transfer to NTQ, and always create the best conditions for us to implement the project. Moreover, many companies even introduce their loyal customers to NTQ.

Q: Which is the essential business operation of NTQ Korea?


A: NTQ Korea is focusing on software development services, mainly in the offshore model, to address the shortage of IT employees issue of our customers and optimize the cost, as well as allow the customers to join the project management process easier.

After three years, we are now a reliable tech partner of many enterprises, including Golfzon, Smilegate, Yudo Group, etc.

Our SMEs clients also raise the project size and time, aiming to become a long-period partner and even participate in the research and development activity with NTQ.

Last November, we consistently signed cooperation agreements with three companies: MWN, CapCloud, and Softbridge.

Q: Can you share the strength of NTQ Korea? 


A: Our cooperation activities are our outstanding strength compared to other Vietnamese IT companies in Korea. By actively collaborating with global partners, we have more accurate insight into the market’s demands to optimize the products and services. Besides, we are continually building a global tech ecosystem, which allows every business within the ecosystem to connect and support each other in developing business operations and expanding globally.

Regarding professional competence, NTQ Korea has received a lot of positive feedback from customers on project quality, professional deployment method, delivery quality, and our employees’ communication skills in both English and Korean.

Many customers share that they have met a massive of difficulties in communication while working with other foreign companies due to cultural and language barriers, compared with while working with us. That’s not only to help the project be implemented more efficiently but also to gain the customers’ trust, which encourages them to introduce more clients to NTQ.

In terms of technology, NTQ Korea makes an impression as a reliable company providing top-notch solutions, including Simulation, AR/VR, Cloud, Low-code, etc. It is significant to us if we want to strengthen our foothold in Korea – a country that is always ahead of trends and has a fast-changing technological pace.

Q: What are NTQ Korea’s development plans for the future? 


A: Within 2023, we will launch two main campaigns: KR100 and KR500+. We are dedicated to increasing the team size to 100 and focusing on improving the employees’ competence about technological competence, project management skill, and communication in English and Korean. We aim to increase the number of talented engineers to 500+ working for Korean customers.

Our next year’s target is to double our sales, achieving the 10 million USD milestone in 2024 and is one of the 3 leading IT Software Outsourcing companies in Korea by 2026.

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