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08 Nov 2022

Trung Dao

08 Nov 2022

Last September, NTQ Solution successfully signed a contract to deploy high-tech agricultural software for a big company in Japan.

The NTQ team welcomed the customer visiting NTQ’s headquarters in Hanoi

Agriculture is one of the critical sectors of Japan. Applying high technologies in agricultural production will optimize the operational process, increase productivity, and save time and cost significantly.

By signing this contract, NTQ Solution is building a platform for farmers to input data like the size of plants and their growth process; therefore, the manager can analyze and prepare the farm plan to increase the quality. Besides, the application also integrates the employee managing function to help the company manage human resources more effectively.

This project is expected to be a powerful assistant to optimize the growth plant process and raise the productivity and quality of plants.

The customer and NTQ team members enjoyed Vietnamese cuisine together

So far, the most challenging thing in this project is the limited developing time. Despite the documents being transferred partly in early October, the deadline that the client desires is within 2022, one month earlier than the team’s initial plan. However, with outstanding competence and dedication in every product and service, the NTQ team adjusted the plan immediately and focused 200% on the project to deliver on time. The project goal is to finish the project by the deadline with excellent quality, setting a critical pace for the comprehensive cooperation between NTQ Solution and the customer in the future.

Mr. Bui Manh Hung – OS1 Director and Ms. Bui Bich Chi – X-Comtors Manager took the customers to visit some scenic landscapes and extraordinary historical sites

Moreover, with our unique “One team” spirit, NTQ Solution proactively build a close relationship with the customer by holding various bonding activities and meetings between two companies, defining the shared visions and directions to develop sustainable growth together!

Let’s stay turn to update about this project and other interesting NTQ projects!

Some interesting and unforgettable memories on the trip with NTQ’s customers