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11 Nov 2022

Trung Dao

11 Nov 2022

Within the annual series of the “Developing Strategies 2023” program of NTQ Solution, the second session with the topic of “Presenting strategic business plan 2023” was held in NTQ’s headquarters in Hanoi.

The BOD and high-level managers of NTQ Solution participated in the “Presenting strategic business plan 2023” session

In this event, the departments reported their overall result before representing the strategic plan to win the following year’s targets. Not only did the managers introduce the strategies, but they also proposed suggestions and required support to deploy the plan effectively.

The series program is based on five core values of NTQ Solution, especially from the spirit of  “Companion” and “Innovative”.

Mr. Long Lanh – Business Development Director, NTQ Solution – reported the business situation

“If you want to go far, go together.” Hence, NTQ Solution highly appreciates the companionship of all members to achieve general goals, and thus, those meetings are opportunities for the BOD to share visions with every department and listen to their difficulties and concerns, and together find the way to tackle all the problems. By empowering members, NTQ Solution encourages the individual’s creativity and initiative to break the limits and strengthen bonding relationships between NTQ-ers.

All managers discussed the existing problems to find effective solutions

Through the event, NTQ’s leaders have gained new points of view and lots of creative ideas that they can deliver new business models or define new development directions to create more sustainable values for customers.

As in the software development field, for example, the BOD focuses on actively studying and applying top-notch technologies such as AR/VR, Simulation, and Low-code to bring more advanced solutions following global trends.

Or to strengthen NTQ’s foothold as a Global IT Service Provider, the company plans to open new international branches and invest more in existing units to get deep customer insight in every market and develop products and services addressing customers’ needs better.

Everybody focused 100% on the meeting

After this series program, NTQ Solution will have detailed, optimal plans and the most robust active commitments of all departments to win the 2023 company’s targets, bringing more value to NTQ’s customers and partners.