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06 Jun 2022

Trung Dao

06 Jun 2022

Recently, NTQ Solution signed a cooperation contract successfully with the second whale client in 2022.

Whale clients are the customers with huge numbers of revenue & size, and spend a huge budget on IT Outsourcing services every year. With high-standard requirements for digital transformation solutions, it hasn’t ever been easy to reach and conquer whale clients. After many negotiations, NTQ Japan officially inked a deal with O***, a large geology company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Class 1 with annual revenue of over $500 million.

NTQ Solution will construct an operating system utilizing AI technology to compare information between reports, increase high work efficiency, and eliminate manual work for O*** as a comprehensive digital transformation consulting and support partner. The project necessitates the use of a variety of advanced and difficult procedures, including text-to-audio conversion.

This project demands expectations in terms of standards, quality, and implementation time. The fact that the “whale clients” have entrusted NTQ Solution with the task of digital transformation shows confidence in the company’s production capacity and the high quality of its products and services.

Having a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet “World-class” requirements, NTQ Solution determines the goal of constantly increasing the technology human resource capacity, as well as the ability to grasp emerging technologies and acquire in-depth domain knowledge.