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08 Apr 2022

Trung Dao

08 Apr 2022

Last March, NTQ Solution cooperated successfully with the first Whale customer in 2022, marking an impressive step for NTQ to prove the company’s competency.

In the IT industry, a “Whale Customer” is a term used to describe clients who are big corporations that have a large amount of revenue, size, and payment for IT Outsourcing services per year. Recently, NTQ Japan officially signed the IoT project contract with S****, marking the first milestone in the “Whale Hunting” campaign (hunting large customers) in 2022. This Whale Customer is a large Japanese company that is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has a revenue of nearly 1 billion dollars per year.

This is the first time for customers to enable digital transformation on a large scale at an enterprise level, so this project set high requirements and quality goals. However, with the know-how of 11 years of development, NTQ is dedicated to helping customer solve challenging problems of cost reduction, optimization of operation, and improvement of production into this project, promising to bring comprehensive digital transformation to our customers.

“The Whale-hunting strategy, with the goal of hunting 8 Whale customers in 2022, is one of NTQ Japan’s key goals.” Pham Thanh Nam,NTQ Japan CEO said. “Sensitive with innovation and being dedicated in each service is critical to NTQ Solution’s success in its Whale-hunting strategy. Overcoming competitors and winning contracts with Whale customers provides an opportunity for NTQ to expand its customer partner ecosystem and grow sustainably”.

NTQ Solution is shifting its service model from “Whale hunting” (hunting new opportunities) to “Whale farming” (nourishing and building long-term relationships, creating sustainable values), toward providing “World-class” standard services to international organizations and corporations. Keeping up with emerging technology, investing in training, enhancing technology human resources to master in-depth knowledge, and putting it into practice enable NTQ to deliver more value to our clients.