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27 Feb 2024

T Dao

27 Feb 2024

Along with self-developed ERP, SAP has been rising as the popular choice of many top enterprises in South Korea, with more than 800 companies currently adopting SAP ERP into their core operation activities. However, the current shortage of human resources is not able to catch up with the uprising demands of South Korean business. Some findings estimated that the country’s SAP talent pool is approx. lower than 1000 experts (Including Consultants & Engineers), while the future demand is more than 5000 experts.

This scenario will bring a challenging landscape for companies planning to execute their SAP Migration/ New Implementation, Innovation, and AMS strategy in the future. Our upcoming seminar titled “SAP Seminar: Resolving SAP Resource Shortages in South Korea” will address this topic with an insightful talk on the upcoming SAP ERP trends, the solutions for the shortage, and explore our GDC solutions that are capable of tackling the challenges.  

The event promises to be insightful and valuable for professionals like yourself who are keen on staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in the SAP ecosystem while resolving the problem of a lack of SAP resources in South Korea. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet our team of experts with a handful of experiences in SAP Development, connect with business leaders across diverse sectors, and grab the latest insights to transform your SAP ERP to the next level!

  • Date: Friday, 22 March 2024
  • Location: Seoul, Korea (Detailed venue – TBA)
  • Registered Link: TBA

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